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Mermaids OOBE

2 OOBE’s approx 6 am


I exited and found myself outdoors somewhere. Images began appearing in front of me that looked like little fairies. Then I realized they were images of little mermaids. They were very cool looking. My oobe ended as I was watching these images.

I exited again and concentrated on seeing mermaids again. I found myself standing in front of a peaceful green colored stream. I jumped in and swam with the current. It took me to a larger body of water. It looked like a big swimming pool. I saw the backs of 2 mermaids swimming and jumping away from me. They both had long shiny black hair and their bodies were shiny black with iridescent blue like the color of a crow. I had this very strong urge to join them so I jumped in and swam up between them. At that point I became an observer and a participant at the same time! I could see myself from a distance and that I had become a mermaid also. I saw myself from the back, too, just like them, and saw myself with long blonde hair, but my body was green with different iridescent colors. When I would dive down into the water, it looked like I was in an ocean because there were a lot of sea life around me. But, when I would see us from a distance, it looked like I was looking at a large pool. They were people around, too, but they didn’t pay any attention to us. And I didn't need to hold my breath as I went and stayed underwater. Breathing wasn't really an issue.  I was breathing naturally with the flow of my movement. We were jumping up and into the ocean like a dolphin does. When we would reach the end of the pool, we would turn around and swim back. This went on and on. And I could see from behind that we were all jumping and swimming in sync together. It was an awesome feeling!  And we would play around and slap the water with our tails as we landed. I could actually feel my tail and how it felt as it slapped the water! It was so much fun! I didn't want it to end, but unfortunately it did after awhile. But, we played like this for what seemed like a long time. I don't remember ever seeing the faces of my companions, but I was so comfortable with them I didn't need to look to see who they were, it was like I already knew. My concentration was on moving thru the water. It felt so natural to me. It was a really wild and very cool experience! :)

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