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Mt. Shasta Astral Journey

Mt. Shasta and Telos Trip #1 3/30/15

I go into meditation and state my intent for Mt. Shasta and Telos. I am flying over the the Mountain. I see how beautiful it is once again. I feel that I've been here many times because I instinctively knew the way. I land in front of what looks like a cave mouth. I'm greeted by 3 humans. My heart center begins vibrating right away. They are speaking to me telepathically. I hear them as collective voice. I don't remember what they said, though. But, the thoughts they send me are many voices as one. End of trip #1

Trip #2 to Mt. Shasta and Telos Morning of 4/2/15

I went into meditation and stated my intent for Mt. Shasta and Telos. I immediately find myself flying over a green forest. I land in front of a cave opening. My heart center begins humming with vibration and warmth right away. I'm met by a man in a white thick material tunic or robes and white hair and a long white beard. He inclines his head and tells me that he is my guide. He asks me to follow him. I walk behind him through the cave opening. I enter into what looks like an open city...there's also a blue sky. There are people milling around. They feel very happy. The place feels very familiar. I turn around and see that the cave opening is now solid rock. I ask my guide what happened. He intuits to me that he helped me lift my energy vibration to be able to enter the city through the portal. I follow him into the city. I see a lot of children running around. The air has a golden hue to it. It's like tiny golden bubbles in the air. Another man approaches me. I recognize him right away as the master Adama. He tells me that it's been a long time... he embraces me. I feel a lot of emotion with our reunion, and again as I type this. I'm approached by a woman, who I know as Adama's counterpart. She embraces me, too. The love I feel from them is overwhelming. I must have clicked out at this point because I lost my focus and was back in my body.

Trip #3 Morning of 4/5/15

I induce the vibrations and state my intent for Mt. Shasta and Telos again. I find myself immediately in front of the Telos cave opening again. This time there are about 10 other people with me. I recognize them as our Astral group. I recognize Daniela, Michael, Eileen, Stephen, and Perry right away. We are met by a woman in a gold and white thick tunic or robes and a a gold head band. She tells us that her name is Asea or Alsea...not sure which. She tells us that they are expecting us and in order to come into the city, we will have to drop our 4th dimensional body's and enter with our 5th dimensional body's. So, she goes to each of us and touches the middle of our forehead and then our shoulder causing each one of us to drop our 4th dimensional body one by one. When she does this I actually feel my higher body move out of my lower body. She then leads us into the cave. I turn and see our 4th dimensional body's laying on the ground as if they're asleep. We enter the cave, but it's dark, I don't see anything. I ask her why it's so dark. She tells us that we need to see with our hearts, not with our eyes. She tells us to focus on projecting from our heart center. I do this and was able to see better, but it still isn't real clear. After a few moments of focusing on projecting from, my hear center, things clear up and brighten up a lot better. I see people and animals around. I see animals that are different than in our world, too...not a lot different, but a little different. I also see a horse that is especially beautiful. There's something different about him, too. We are led to a very long wooden table with food laid out on it. It's a real feast! There are a lot of people around who are preparing food for us, for our visit. They tell us that they've been expecting us. The food looks really delicious. I keep thinking that there's so much love all around. The love permeates the air. I see the little golden bubbles in the air again. It's really nice and very peaceful. I lose my focus and click out somewhere at this point.

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