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Out of Body Trip to Avebury

My experience started with a dream during the night. I was in an outdoor celebration. The people were dressed in Renaissance type clothing. I don't remember much of the dream except the feeling was festive. At one point during the dream I became lucid and was able to go out of body. I sat up instantly and ran out of the house. I came out in an unfamiliar neighborhood and it was nightime. I was in front of a house and there was a police car parked in front of it. I remembered my goal to travel to Avebury so I used Buhlman's technique and focused. I felt movement. When the movement stopped I opened my eyes and saw that I was  in what I perceived as Avebury! Only it was daylight and the colors were bright. I saw the the circle of stones in the near distance. I found myself in the yard of a house that was sky blue in color.

I was in a very peaceful and happy place. I didn't see any people, just animals. The animals were running around the yard playing. They looked like small dragons. I remember thinking I need to remember that these animals are dragons. I went thru a gate and moved toward the stones. I came upon a small river or stream. There were animals playing in the stream also. They looked like sea otters. I watched them play for awhile. I then turned my attention back to the stones and moved in their direction. As I moved toward them, I was brought back to my body and my out of body experience ended.

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