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11 Signs of Separation

11 Signs of ‘separation’ from Our Higher Self/God/dess/Source/All That Is/Great Spirit…

  1. The belief that God is someone/thing who is outside of our-selves.

  2. The belief that God favors one certain person, community, belief, writing, etc.

  3. The belief that God judges or punishes any-one or any-thing.

  4. The belief that we, or our beliefs are better than any-one else(s). Or the belief that “our way” is the right way.

  5. The belief that what we do or say does not affect others….no matter how far away. from us they/it may be.  In other words, the belief that we are not all connected.

  6. The belief that we are not worthy of joy, happiness, abundance and love.

  7. The belief that we are not whole as we are, and that we need something or someone outside of our-self to make us whole.

  8. The belief that we are not Eternal.

  9. The belief that we cannot manifest what we desire in life.

  10. The belief that we are alone.

  11. The belief that we are anything other than Love.

Please note: We are never fully separated from our Source, however certain restricted beliefs created by lifetime circumstances, can restrict or squeeze off our connection.

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