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Mentorship programs

Transform your life with Sharon's 3-month Mentorship Program. Through a combination of spiritual teachings, energetic healing, and one-on-one coaching, I will provide the support you need to create lasting, positive change in your life. Together, we will develop an individualized plan to help you reach your higher potential, giving you the tools and confidence to manifest the life you desire.






If you are ready to do the inner work and take your spiritual journey to the next level, I invite you to join my 6 month mentorship program. In this program, I will be your guide and mentor as you gain clarity, direction and understanding on how to bring your spiritual gifts into the world. Together we will work to create a framework and plan to help you manifest your dreams and live with purpose.








Experience a life-changing transformation with Sharon's 9 month Mentorship Program! This program is designed to help you explore your soul's purpose, develop your spiritual gifts, and learn to access your inner power. With personalized guidance and support, you will gain clarity and direction and open to a deeper level of self-awareness. This is a journey of self-discovery and growth that will help you manifest your highest potential.






Sharon will personally collaborate with you, alongside your Spirit Team, to facilitate your spiritual growth and personal transformation.

During your time together, expect tailored guidance, direct responses to your queries, spiritual messages, and healing sourced from your Higher Self and Spirit Team. Sharon will provide personalized mentorship, ensuring a profound and healing experience that empowers your progression on both spiritual and personal fronts. You'll gain an array of tools and modalities for healing, empowerment, and manifestation, promising a transformative journey forward.

These teachings encompass various tools and modalities for accessing Universal Wisdom and Self Knowledge. They cover past life awareness, integrating soul aspects, dismantling self-sabotaging patterns, healing chakras and energy bodies, guided meditation for healing, techniques to elevate personal frequencies, space clearing, psychic/intuitive development, and more.

Every tool and study undertaken with Sharon aims for your reconnection with your personal Guidance, Higher Self, and Source, fostering your spiritual and personal evolution from the limitations of the 3rd-dimensional self (ego personality matrix) to a higher-dimensional self.

Additionally, during the mentorship period, enjoy a 15% discount on any courses or classes conducted by Sharon when registered and paid for within this duration from the first session.

Programs are available for 6 or 9 months, offering flexible payment options.

For further information or questions regarding mentorship, payment plans, and additional services, kindly reach out to Sharon at, via email at or text or call 503-701-7687. Sharon eagerly awaits your contact.

9 month program includes a commitment of 10 hours of personal sessions during the 9 month period for $998.00.  $1,300.00 value.  

3 month program includes a commitment of 4 hours of personal sessions during the 3 month period for $442.00.  $520.00 value.

6 month program includes a commitment of 7 hours of personal sessions during the 6 month period for $728.00.  $910.00 value.  

3 Month Mentorship program

6 Month Mentorship Program

9 Month Mentorship Program

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