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Angel & Ascended

Master Readings


Sharon has the ability to be able to connect with your Guardian Angel. Her ability to connect with your Angels will help enable you to forge your own connection with your Angels. In most readings, you will be given tools from your Angels to help you connect with your Angels on your own, and with a little work on your part, you will be able to begin working closely with your own Angels in your every day life. For this is the ultimate wish of Sharon and your Angels.


It is Sharon's belief and experience that we have different levels of guides throughout our life depending on our level of progress. When we reach the level of a serious desire to connect consciously on a regular basis for the remainder of this physical life, then we are transitioning to a new level of spiritual awareness and progress. At this point in our progress, we are reaching a level of working closely with a Higher vibrational level of Guidance. This Higher level of vibrational being is what we know as the Ascended Master. An Ascended Master is an energy being who has, at some time in their evolution, been in a physical embodiment, however, has transcended the physical experience and has agreed to work closely with the souls who are in physical bodies. The Ascended Masters willingly and lovingly work with us as teachers and guides during our journey on the planet. We, and they have agreed to do this even before we entered into a physical body here.


Sharon has remembered this agreement with her higher guides, and is able to connect with these energies.  She has agreed to connect and bring back messages and every day tools from these higher energies in order to help with the human evolution.

Her role is simply a channel. The Masters that she works with, and Sharon, herself, are here to help all who come here, to remember their own connection with their Higher Self and their Higher Guides and Teachers. In doing so, it is Sharon's deepest belief and wish, that one day again, we are all able to connect and remember our True Self.

If you would like a message from an Ascended Master who is waiting in the wings for you to call upon them for guidance, then Sharon would be honored to be able bring their message to you.

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