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Sharon Sananda received her training as a Hypnotist at the Academy of Hypnotic Studies in San Antonio, Tx in 2003 and also trained in QHHT in 2021. She specializes in Past Life Therapy and ET abduction/contact cases. 

Sharon is a Professional & Accredited member of the International Metaphysical Practitioners Association (IMPA). 

Sharon is the founder of The Kumara Academy of Transformation.  The Academy is an Accredited Institute by IMPA.

Sharon is also the founder of Light Journeys Healing & Psychic Faire


Sharon's metaphysical studies have been with:

Sharon is an Ordained Minister from the Universal Life Church Monastery. She has been ordained since 2013. 

The Ascended Masters that Sharon works with personally:

  • Sananda Kumara (Jeshua/Yehoshua/Yeshua/Jesus Christ)

  • Mary Magdalene

  • Archangel Michael

  • Archangel Rafael

  • El Morya

  • Father Tachene (Chinese Ascended Master in vibration with Sanat Kumara)

  • Herxentheus and Herxenthena (Ascended Water Beings from the 7th dimensional planet OPUS – Sharon's home planet)

  • Kwan Yin

  • Maitreya

  • Moliar (Lemuiran High Counsel Being in vibration with Adama)

  • Adama (Lemurian High Priest)

  • Pleiadian High Counsel of 7 (Main contact Pianor)

  • Kaal-rek (Sirian High Counsel member)

  • Sanat Kumara

  • St. Germaine

  • The Blessed Mother

  • White Cloud (Ascended Master in vibration with White Eagle)

  • White Eagle

  • Whale & Dolphin Beings


Sharon has, and continues to host and is a part of support groups and workshops on various metaphysical topics in the Portland, Oregon area.  As a student, Sharon enjoys constantly growing and learning with her continuing education in varied studies to enhance and cultivate her abilities and gifts.

Sharon's Mission & Vision is to use her gifts & abilities to help all who come to her to remember & realize their True Self, that they are eternal beings & never die, and to remember that all our answers are actually within each of us.  

Sharon's Code of Ethics:

1. I Will Do No Harm & Do Right. 

2. Clients are 18 and older unless accompanied by a parent or guardian or written permission. 
3. All Information is Confidential.  All sessions will be kept in strict confidence.  
4. Respect Rights. Only connect and provide a reading for anyone who gives permission.
5. Colleagues. As a healing professional, I will not undermine other colleagues in order to attract his or her own clients and only behave towards colleagues as I would wish them to behave towards me.
6. Transparency with teachings.  All teachings that are borrowed will be fully credited to the creators.  
7. Providing Services.  I will only provide services that I believe will truly help the client.  If I believe I cannot help a client, I will inform the client and/or refer the client to a network of trusted professionals. 

8. Judgment. I will not ever judge a client and the information that comes through for them.   


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