Sharon Sananda received her training as a Hypnotist at the Academy of Hypnotic Studies ( in 2003 and specializes in Past Life Therapy and ET abduction/contact cases. 


Sharon's metaphysical studies have been with:

Sharon is an Ordained Minister from the Universal Life Church Monastery. She has been ordained since 2013. 

The Ascended Masters that Sharon works with personally:

  • Adama (Lemurian High Priest)

  • Archangel Michael

  • Archangel Rafael

  • Commander Ashtar

  • El Morya

  • Father Tachene (Chinese Ascended Master in vibration with Sanat Kumara)

  • Herxentheus and Herxenthena (Ascended Water Beings from the 7th dimensional planet OPUS – Sharon's home planet)

  • Kwan Yin

  • Maitreya

  • Mary Magdalene

  • Moliar (Lemuiran High Counsel Being in vibration with Adama)

  • Sananda Kumara (Jeshua/Yeshua, Jesus Christ)

  • Pleiadian High Counsel of 7 (Main contact Pianor)

  • Kaalrek (Sirian High Counsel member)

  • Sanat Kumara

  • St. Germaine

  • The Blessed Mother

  • White Cloud (Asended Master in vibration with White Eagle)

  • White Eagle


Sharon has, and continues to host and is a part of support groups and workshops on various metaphysical topics in the Portland, Oregon area.  As a student, Sharon enjoys constantly growing and learning with her continuing education in varied studies to enhance and cultivate her abilities and gifts.