Sharon Sananda received her training as a Hypnotist at the Academy of Hypnotic Studies ( in 2003 and specializes in Past Life Therapy and ET abduction/contact cases. 


Sharon's metaphysical studies have been with:

Sharon is an Ordained Minister from the Universal Life Church Monastery. She has been ordained since 2013. 

The Ascended Masters that Sharon works with personally:

  • Adama (Lemurian High Priest)

  • Archangel Michael

  • Archangel Rafael

  • Commander Ashtar

  • El Morya

  • Father Tachene (Chinese Ascended Master in vibration with Sanat Kumara)

  • Herxentheus and Herxenthena (Ascended Water Beings from the 7th dimensional planet OPUS – Sharon's home planet)

  • Kwan Yin

  • Maitreya

  • Mary Magdalene

  • Moliar (Lemuiran High Counsel Being in vibration with Adama)

  • Sananda Kumara (Jeshua/Yeshua, Jesus Christ)

  • Pleiadian High Counsel of 7 (Main contact Pianor)

  • Kaalrek (Sirian High Counsel member)

  • Sanat Kumara

  • St. Germaine

  • The Blessed Mother

  • White Cloud (Asended Master in vibration with White Eagle)

  • White Eagle


Sharon has, and continues to host and is a part of support groups and workshops on various metaphysical topics in the Portland, Oregon area.  As a student, Sharon enjoys constantly growing and learning with her continuing education in varied studies to enhance and cultivate her abilities and gifts.


My name is Sharon Sananda Kumara. I remembered the name of Sharon Sananda Kumara in 2003 when I was working intensely with my guides on what they termed my Quickening.

I've compiled this site with the intent of sharing my experiences, my gifts and just my musings, in the hopes that any of it might help any who come here with their life journey on this beautiful planet, we call Mother Earth.

- Sharon Sananda Kumara


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