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Sharon Sananda Kumara

I'll share a little about how I came to where I am Now. As a child I was able to see beyond the veil, seeing people and other beings whom I didn't realize others could not see. I was also able to see some future events. I realized later on in life that I was also able to feel other peoples emotions and hear their thoughts. I didn't fully understand any of this at the time, so as I grew older, and realized that the people around me didn't share what I was experiencing, it began to scare me terribly.

Being brought up in a traditional religious background, there really wasn't anyone I could talk to openly about what was happening with me. So, after awhile, I just began shutting all these gifts down, trying to fit in. However, I didn't fit in, so I became very withdrawn and extremely shy. And a withdrawn, shy child can become extremely vulnerable to predators. I was saved more times than I can count by other-wordly beings during many situations where I should have died.


I realize now that I chose these situations for my personal evolution.  And see now that because of these experiences, I grew to become a strong, compassionate, empathic adult.

Then my life changed again in 1998 when my stepfather passed away.  This was my first physical loss of a person close to me.  My dad and I were very close.  The night he passed, I clearly saw him walking toward me looking much healthier and without his oxygen tank.  I also heard his voice say, "how do I get out of here?". He was looking past me, not at me, and proceeded to walk through and past me, and was gone. 

I was soon to learn after this experience that Dad's journey home also became the beginning of a very intense journey for me back to discovering my gifts.  
With dad's passing, I needed to find out for my own peace of mind, what happens when we die.  I needed to know that Dad still existed.  That he still saw us, and that he knew that we missed and loved him.  But mostly, I needed to know that he still lived on, existing and living a joyful life. 

I needed to know more than I was taught in Sunday school.  To try and alleviate my grief, I  began reading extensively about life after death.  It was during this same time that I began experiencing what is called sleep paralysis.  These frequent experiences frightened me. I actually had thoughts that I was dying. So, I began another quest for answers.

It was then that I came upon a website that talked about OOBE's (out of body experiences) and sleep paralysis, and how the two are thought to be connected.  The website talked about how controlling your OBE's can lead to conscious inner dimensional travel and connecting with guides and deceased loved ones, and more.  That's all I needed to know, I realized that OOBE's might be the perfect way for me to contact my dad. 

I made the decision to take control of what was happening with me.  

I began reading everything I could get my hands on about OOBE's, and did all the exercises every night.  I thought of almost nothing else.  And with obsessed persistence I eventually began leaving my body in a controlled manner.   I focused my mind and became very dedicated with my intentions.  Soon after reaching the controlled out of body state, I was able to find my dad and communicate with him.   


Not long after in 2001, I was involved in a bizarre accident, experiencing an NDE (near death experience).  After experiencing this NDE, I immediately remembered experiencing another NDE when I was 9 years old.   My 2001 NDE helped intensify what my guides call my quickening process. 

I share my experiences here and out there, not trying to prove anything to anyone, but just to share.  And perhaps there's someone who can relate to any of what I experienced.  My experiences are personal for my own growth and understanding, and are in no way meant for anyone to believe or dis-believe.  I would ask that you read with an open mind and think of them simply as short stories that I hope you will find interesting.  I share them because I love to journal and also because they are very profound for me.  And, perhaps they might help someone who can relate and understand they're own experiences easier.  For these people, I would like to tell you now that you are not alone, and I'm finding there are more people out there every day that are experiencing 'strange' and 'unbelievable' things. 

I hope you enjoy my site, and always know that you are definitely not alone, and that you are dearly loved by me and by our Creator.


Sharon Sananda Kumara

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