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Nicole Johnson

"I felt an instant connection of feeling very safe in our whole session. An energy I can’t explain, it’s just the knowing feeling within you. Sharon tapped into things that always felt very true to me within my core. Presented to me the guardians I always felt where close to me. I am grateful for the knowledge and confirmations she provided just from reading me. I look forward to more sessions with her. And find healing from the release of some of those heavy things my soul carries."

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Jeffer Daykin  

"First, let me say that I have some natural skepticism. I was super curious though when I heard about her past life readings and arranged with a few friends to do a group Zoom session with Sharon Sananda Kumara. It was amazing.

The same thing kept happening. She would start a reading for one of my friends, and I would find myself doubting that any of this was for real. I needed to actively work to keep myself open minded...

But then, the reactions of my friends to their own readings were so powerful. One, who isn't a particularly emotional person, was obviously overcome by what they heard. For another, it seemed off base at first, but then I could also totally see how directly on point it was. It really helped her get some peace with something that I know has been super hard for her.

When it was my turn, I was sincerely willing to see what came up and was hopeful but still had a bit of this skeptic hanging around in the back of my mind. Almost immediately, however, she zeroed in on something very deep to me personally, something there would be no way (in this world) for her to be aware of. I was astonished. She did what she called "soul retrieval" which is essentially helping a past life that is stuck in the earthly plane to cross over. She also shared some information about the spirit guides that support me.

I know this might sound crazy, but I really do feel physically and emotionally different today...that there is a great weight off my shoulders. So hard to explain (and I'm sure your skeptic has been kicking in too), but it is definitely at least subjectively true for me.

Bottom line, I'm so glad I did this. Sharon is the real deal."

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Hello Sharon, and thank you from the deep of my heart. All you received is resonating within my very inner soul… I have felt lonely, and abandoned, and guilty of something, and now feel relieved…Again , Dear Sister Sharon, I am grateful ( gratitude is one of the God's request of US) to be grateful is a Divine Law--it bring further blessings to all. I will be asking for your channeling help later on for sure. Esteemed Sister Sharon: How inwardly I feel I know you well ! All day today since morning I have felt a difference in my life--more serene, more inwardly, and above all as though I have passed via an Initiation of Knowledge. As if some way, road, avenue has been opened for me to advance into higher realms of Energy. This your guidance is what I needed at this junction to inform of my decision to: Masters Sananda Kumara and Kuthumi , and that is that I am ready for higher work.

Lino Garcia

Sharon is an amazing and down to earth person. My session brought me peace and it was comforting to know that my loved one is always there for me. She also helped to retrieve one of my lost past lives that the energy that was stuck effected my current life. It makes sense now. Ever since I don't have the dreadful sense in my heart anymore. I absolutely plan to have another past life regression session with her soon. Thank you Sharon!

- Thuy C. (Portland, OR)

Hi Sharon,
I just wanted to thank you again for your reading. I found the information extremely profound and enlightening. Your insights were spot on. I feel closer to my husband because of you (and my dad as well who is probably always nearby ready to jump in and "talk." :-) This exchange has given me some direction - I am so grateful for that. The prayers were comforting and reassuring to me. You are truly gifted.

- Leslie C Markey (Seattle, WA)

Hi Sharon,
….definite changes! I am actually feeling happy again!  Thank you so much! People came out of the woodwork, all at once! I immediately got a dinner invitation from friends, including a friend who I've been wanting to meet ... I met another person as well!  wow! ….. I seem to magically have a social life again - it's the strangest thing!  Work is better, too... I am feeling more like myself again, and can get up in the morning instead of wanting to stay in bed….definite improvements... and I am hoping I can finally get my business going - it's been stalled forever.   Best of all, the doomed feeling is gone. Every day I had this feeling of dread, I didn't know where it was coming from, but it wouldn't leave. I finally feel NORMAL. I am amazed at the difference from just a few weeks ago!  ...Such a relief, I can't tell you....Thanks again for all your help!

- Lisa Fox (Portland, OR)

My first hypnotherapy session with Sharon was the first time I've ever been hypnotized.  I had no fear, only a curiosity of how it would feel.  Have you ever felt totally relaxed, no cares in the world, just floating in wonderful peace?  This is how it felt to me.  And I also realized that I could come out of the hypnotic state at any time which totally alleviated any hidden fears I might have had regarding this.

My goal was to find out how to stop or at least deal with the 3rd chakra issues, the solar plexus. You know, the feelings of panic, stress, that 'gut' feeling that is so unpleasant. I had been having these feelings for years. After looking at where these feelings come from and some well placed advice on how to deal with these feelings, Sharon brought me back to the present and the feelings were gone. I have been able to deal with these feelings ever since.  Thank you so very much Sharon!

- Marilyn T. (Metaline Falls, WA)

Dear Sharon,
Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate the readings you did for me over the internet. I find you very insightful, with a kind  heart and a non-judgmental attitude. I love it when I meet people like you! When I first read the past life readings I thought they were interesting. Some of the events funny, and some of them dramatic. It makes sense, after all these are the events we remember most in our present lives as well.

It took a few days for me to understand the correlation between the readings and my current life situations and attitudes. But then it was like a light bulb gradually being turned up and I could start to see the connections. Thank you for helping me to release my old thought patterns and to understand the origins of them as well.

It confirms my belief that people cross our paths at just the right time to help us awaken to the love of God. I am filled with gratitude for meeting you at the right time. May God bless you always. Please feel free to use my note as a referral if you would like. You are doing good things! Much Love.

- Mark Rother (Minneapolis, MN)

My dearest Sharon,
I want to thank you for everything what you did for me. You entered into my life like an Angel. You are in my heart and will be forever a part of me. I want to thank you because you accepted to make for me some readings. With your help, I could go into 2 past lives of mine, with your help I could retrieve 2 of my big Fears with which I came in this life.

Thank you from all my heart dearest SharonSananda.
Send to you all my Pure Unconditional Love,

- Adi M. (Romania)

Dear Sharon,
The reading I received from you was very interesting and very accurate with what was going on in my life at the time.  The past life that you saw for me was surprisingly similar to what I was experiencing at the time in my life.  The soul retrieval that you did for me answered some questions that I had with some life issues.  I found you to be extremely friendly, warm and funny while we sat and chatted.  I felt very comfortable with you and felt I could talk to you about anything.  I plan on coming back for another reading, and I will recommend you to my friends and family. Thank You.

- Dawn S. (San Antonio, TX)

The past life exploration workshop that I attended by Sharon Sananda Kumara was a lot of fun and very helpful to my spiritual progress.  With Sharon’s guidance, I saw 2 past lives, and was able to retrieve 2 soul aspects on my own, that were lost from traumatic deaths.  Sharon’s guidance helped me use my inner vision and find the focus needed to find any past life issues that were still haunting me.  I left the workshop with tools that will help me do what I learned in her workshop on my own.

- LJ (Portland, OR)

Thank you Sharon for providing these workshops.  I didn't know that I could see past lives on my own.  I was able to see and feel 4 past lives during the workshop.  They helped me understand why there were certain things going on in my life.  I recognized some people from this lifetime in some of the past lives.  I plan on taking your workshop again.  The best part is that I know I can do this on my own now.  Thank you for that.

- Carol C. (Portland, OR)

In 2001 I became very poorly after many years of abuse , self critisism and lack of true understanding and faith.
Sharon Sananda Kumara breezed into my life by way of synchronicity and helped me learn to completely turn my life around. She helped me to find myself, my guides , my strength and my LIGHT. Sharon has done many readings for me of which every one has helped me immensely through whatever events were taking place at that time. I would describe Sharon as a true Seer, her ability to see and connect with 'All That Is' being second to none I have worked with. I am very, very blessed to have had Sharon as a teacher for such a long time and she has helped me to change my life from one of negative despair to Positive Repair, for which I, am extremely and eternally grateful. In Lighted Love, ...

- Esther (UK)

I wanted to say how much I believe that those close to me whom have passed i.e Tim, Barbie and Steve are also very grateful  for all the help you have provided with understanding and connection for us but I was not sure how to word it, so you have my permission to edit that so that it sounds right. I also wanted to sign Esther Sananda Kumara as I absolutely shine with absolution when I write that but I did not think it was my place to do so in your testimonial. Please use your own descrepancy.

- Esther Sananda Kumara (added by Sharon)

Hi, Sharon!
Thank you so much for the workshop!  It's created an amazing change in me already, something that I didn't realize at first but which has become clearer in the last few days.  Whenever I've been away from home for very long, or even when I think about going away, I've had this unfounded fear that something terrible is going to happen at home while I'm gone.  This has been holding me back from applying to teach in Japan because I get very homesick.  But by realizing what had happened to me in past lives and retrieving those aspects, that fear is gone.  I may still become homesick, but that anxiety about my family and cats just isn't there anymore--I can't even feel it if I try to!  It's wonderful!  (Also, my guide was Jeshua, too, which delighted me.)

- Corinna B., Portland, OR

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