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Get Your Copy of Sharon's NEW Book "Awakened Soul" Which Chronicles Here 2001 Near Death Experience and Her Intense Healing Journey Afterward. Published June 21, 2024 and Available Now on Amazon!

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One Recent Review:

"Awakened Soul, a Book of Love and Hope


Once I began reading Sharon Sananda Kumara’s book, Awakened Soul (2024), I could not put it down. It had number one, love at the center, different types of existences, amazing near-death experiences, and out of the body experiences. I could tell there were many more stories that could be shared in future books. 


What I found most thrilling to me personally, was the hope that I got from the sharing of trauma, pain, joy, and relief. I see hope for humanity. I see that awareness of the divine feminine is helping heal and reverse a history of wars and cruelty on this plane.


Gloria Cisneros Lenoir, Ph.D."

Get Your Copy of this Remarkable Compilation of 13 Astounding Near Death Experiences (NDE's) Including Sharon's 2001 NDE.
Published by
The Near Death Institute
Available on Amazon.

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"Healing with the Ascended Masters and Archangelic Realm with Sharon Sananda Kumara"
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