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Since Sharon was a child, because of life circumstances, she had found herself journeying out of her body on a regular basis, but not in a controlled manner.

As an adult, after the death of her step-father in 1998, Sharon began experiencing what is commonly known as sleep paralysis. Subsequently she began studying and researching sleep paralysis and found the correlation between OBE's and sleep paralysis.

She then began practicing the techniques for controlled out of body travel. With persistence and dedication she was able to eventually achieve controlled and willful out of body travel.

Since then, Sharon has been able to induce hundreds of controlled journeys out of her body.

Sharon's initial wish for learning to consciously travel out of body was to find her father and know that he still existed and was doing well. However, the pay off for her diligence in learning to control her OOBE's is beyond what even she could imagine. She did connect with her father, as well as continues to journey to dimensions and places that can only be imagined in science fiction stories.

Sharon shares some of her hundreds of conscious out of body journeys here on her blog for you to read and enjoy and at her Meetup group. As well as tips and tools on how she is able to journey consciously and through controlled methods.

Perhaps after reading her experiences, this will prime your own desire and imagination for out of body travel. Who knows, you may find yourself yearning to remember and enjoy your own non-physical experiences.  Perhaps then, will somehow find the time and energy needed to remember how to consciously journey out beyond your own physical awareness and off to the higher and other-worldly dimensions.

If you are interested in Out of Body Experiences/Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming, you may want to join Sharon's Astral Travel Meetup group.

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