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Cherry Blossoms

Past Life Therapy

with Soul Retrieval


With our age of awakening, we are hearing more and more about the healing practice of ‘soul retrieval’. Soul retrieval has been a common method of removing inner blocks throughout the centuries within ancient shamanism and healing practitioners.

Since I began my private practice in 2003, as an intuitive counselor and Hypnotherapist, I have found that past life trauma and soul aspect retrieval come up as a healing method for a good part of my clients. As an intuit, I work with people on an intuitive level, and am guided by higher guidance with what methods of guidance and counseling to approach for my clients’ best and highest good.

Many people ask me what a soul retrieval or soul aspect retrieval is, and why is it important. Many people I talk to, and work with express to me that they feel that exploring past life situations and trauma is not relevant to their life today. And I probably would have said the same thing myself before my own past life work. Many people may feel that looking at and resolving past traumatic situations is not necessary, and is just re-hashing old stuff. One thing I have found to be consistent in my practice is that unresolved trauma, whether it is this lifetime, or unresolved trauma carried over in our cell memory from other lifetimes, will more times than not cause emotional and physical blockages. These blockages will hinder life's forward progress, and can also cause chronic pain, and chronic dis-ease in the body.


The first thing to remember is that we are energy. When a person dies traumatically in a different lifetime, or experiences trauma in the current lifetime, a part of one’s soul energy becomes 'scattered' in some way from their full essence and remains in the emotional situation. We can certainly feel this on an emotional level in our current situations. We also have phrases that describe lost energy, such as “I lost a part of myself”, or “a part of me is still there with her/him”, or “I’m feeling scattered these days”, or “I’m just all over the place”, and so on… These phrases are very accurate for how a part of our energy can be displaced, lost in traumatic situations, or simply scattered. In the case of trauma, especially in a traumatic death during a past life, the result can be that the personality/lost energy becomes trapped in a loop, and is normally 're-living' the experience in their mind expecting a different outcome. This type of situation is the equivalent of what we understand as a ghost, or hell, or insanity. The mental state of hell or insanity has been described as a state of doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. One reason why people can feel less than whole, and experience addictions, attachments and reoccurring negative patterns is because the soul essence is scattered among different emotional and traumatic situations. These emotional and traumatic situations are in need of recognition and then retrieval.  It is very similar to not having all the pieces of our puzzle in place. 


We are Light in nature, stepping down in vibration to experience a denser/slower vibratory rate in physical form. A large part of our purpose here is to experience.  We are Source/Creator/Love/Light expressed in physical form. The true soul does not see good or bad with experiencing physicality, there simply IS, or positive and negative. The human ego is what places moral judgment on our experiences as being bad or good. Source/Creator/Love/Light does not judge good or bad. Love does not judge…Light does not judge…Source/Creator does not judge at all. And does understand that we strive to return back to the wholeness of complete Love/Light.  When we understand this, we can understand that we come here to experience all the facets of experience, meaning the murdered and the murderer, the rapist and the raped, the betrayed and the betrayer, and so on.  Our Eternal connection to the Love/Light within us becomes our moral compass with the positive and negative.  When we remember that we are Light/Love in essence, we remember that we are Eternal, and then we remember that we have an eternity to experience infinite existences and infinite experiences. And what is so wonderful about remembering this is that we remember that we are in essence travelers, we are explorers, we are adventurers.  Basically we are physical expressions of Light. Light cannot be destroyed. Therefore, we cannot be destroyed. When part of our light/soul essence becomes fragmented because of trauma and appears lost, we simply find & recall this energetic part of our essence, and bring this part of our soul home into our over-soul, into our whole-ness. We are able to find this part of our essence again through meditation, hypnotic regression or simply remembering the traumatic situation that is causing any dis-harmony in our current life experience.


Lost or fragmented soul energy can cause many problems in current life situations. Re-occurring negative patterns with relationships, career scenarios, physical ‘accidents’ causing physical injury, health issues, and more can crop up in our lives if the initial trauma is not resolved.  In the instance of a past life pattern, we will choose to re-live the scenario during our life plan before we are born so that we can resolve the situation and bring the fragmented energy into our whole essence. Once we have resolved or retrieved the stuck or heavy emotion and situation, then we are able to move forward into another experience. We can then finally step off the karmic wheel or re-occurring experience or loop of re-living the past. We often find ourselves reincarnating over and over with the intention of resolving a certain life pattern. 

In order to step off the wheel of karma and attachment, it is necessary to begin retrieving lost and fragmented energy. This can be done easily with simple meditation tools and spending 30 minutes to an hour using these meditation tools on a regular basis. Once you begin the practice of soul aspect & fragmented energy retrieval, you will find a fulfillment and wholeness unlike any other you have felt. You will begin to understand the importance of the regular practice of fragmented energy healing in your every day life, as well. There are many soul aspect and energy retrieval meditations available from many gifted and talented healing workers. I also have some energy retrieval meditations that were given to me by my higher guidance, that I use and teach in my sessions & soul retrieval workshops.   


I wish you Wholeness and Fulfillment on your Journey!

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