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2 OOBE's - Helping a Family into the Light and Sending a Man to "Hell" to Help his Brother

11/09/16 2 OOBE’s 8 am

1st OOBE - Helping a family cross over at Christmas time

I woke around 7 am, went to the restroom, went back to bed, began reading the book I’m reading now, “Vistas of Infinity… How To Enjoy Life When You’re Dead” by  Jurgen Ziewe’s. Another amazing book by this author. He’s also the author of “The Multidimensional Man”. I highly recommend his books for anyone who is interested in OOBE’s and also learning about life across the veil.

I read for about 30 minutes, then relaxed to start my OOBE meditation.

I had just read finished reading in the book that the author, Ziewe sometimes used a method of chanting Ohm to rise up in frequency in his OOBE’s.

I thought this was a great idea, so I began chanting Ohm in my mind for my meditation, while also using some of my OOBE practice methods of looking up at my 3rd eye, intermittently with peering at the back of my head with my inner eyes.

After about 30 minutes of this, I fell asleep and entered a dream. When I woke up from the dream I was still in a super clear hypnogogic state. In my minds eye I could see an extremely vivid scene of what looked like a very nicely decorated waiting room that you might see in an expensive doctor’s office. The room was large and decorated in golds, green and reds.

There were 2 sofas that sat in an L shape adjacent to each other that were facing my line of sight. And a very nice dark wooden table sitting in front of the sofas. I didn’t see any people in my imagery, just the furniture and fine paintings and decorations around the room. At this point, I was fully awake and became aware that I could use this image to leave my body.

Luckily, I was able to hold on to the image long enough to successfully jump up out of my physical body and easily enter the scene I was seeing in my mind’s eye!

My exit was very clean and quick. I was immediately in the room that I was viewing. The only difference was that I was now standing in front of what appeared to be a family sitting together on both sofas. I was extremely lucid and knew that I was out of my body.

There were 2 young female children, looked about 8 and 11 years old, on the sofa directly in front of me sitting next to what I felt were their parents or grandparents.

There were 3 or 4 older children sitting on the sofa to my left. They were dressed very nicely in what I sensed were their Sunday best clothes. The atmosphere also had a feeling of Christmas to it. However, I didn’t feel the Christmas spirit had arrived yet, I felt that they were waiting for it or someone to arrive.

The girls directly in front of me saw me and smiled, but continued to sit quietly, waiting.

I had the idea to show them that I could float, showing them that they could, too.

I remembered what I had just read in the book and began chanting the Ohm sound. Right away I began floating up in the air.

The girls saw me, looked up and smiled widely. I told them “you can do this, too”. They looked at their parents as if to ask if it was ok, but their parents just sat in silence looking forward and didn’t indicate anything to them.

The girls stood up anyway and chanted Ohm together and rose up to meet me. I looked at the other children to see if they were going to try, and they nervously glanced at their parents, but again they didn’t respond, so they chanted and rose up with their sisters. I looked at the parents and intuitively asked them to join us, but they remained stoically staring forward. I did get the strong impression from them that it was against their religion and that they would not indulge in what we were doing.

I asked them again intuitively if they wanted to join us, but felt like I was hitting a brick wall with my telepath.

I then turned to the floating children who I felt were really excited about flying around the room. I led them with the Ohm chant and floated easily out through the ceiling and the roof.  I noticed how this happened so effortlessly and easily.

The children followed me out thru the through the roof of the building. We hovered above the building taking in the surroundings. I felt the children’s excitement and wonder of being able to fly, and also of being able to leave the waiting room.

I noticed that the scenery looked like a Christmas story book scene with snow on the ground and twinkling lights around. I was amazed at how clear everything was. The oldest girl floated over to me and excitedly pointed behind me urging me to turn around and look at the scenery behind us. I did and saw an even more brilliantly colored landscape of sparkling snow, lit up pathways, green hills and brightly colored flowered bushes and little, quaint brightly colored houses.

We all began flying together toward the beautiful scenery. But, this is where I faded back to my body.

Because of the work I’ve been doing with the astral plane helping stuck or trapped souls move into the light, I believe this was an OOBE that was meant to help this family move out of their energetic stuck space on the astral plane where they were waiting for someone to come and take them away to “Heaven”. I felt strongly this was a strong belief system passed down through their generations. The parents, however, wouldn’t budge from their strong belief, but thankfully the children were open enough to be able to break free of this rigid ingrained belief that had been passed down the family line. I also strongly feel that the scene that the children were drawn to was their way Home. Of course, there’s no proof of this, so I just go with my intuition and the messages and emotion from the situation. I have to wonder if the family died together and if it was around Christmas time. I’m happy the children broke free, I can only pray that they will be able to go back and get their parents.

2nd OOBE - Sending a man back to “hell” to help his brother

After fading back, I felt I was in a good state to be able to exit again so I focused on my hypnagogic imagery again and chanted Ohm. I, however, fell asleep, but woke a little later in a clear state of lucidity. I was standing with 2 other male beings. I was extremely lucid and knew that this was not a dream, but that I was out of my body and that I was here to do a job. The 2 males and I were talking about someone having to go back to “hell”. There wasn’t any sadness in our conversation, just very matter of fact and sort of light hearted. I felt strongly that the “hell” we were talking about was the 3rd dimensional Earth.

We were gathered in front of a large building face with a double door entryway. The doors were closed. They were blue/gray in color. My attention was drawn to a male who was approaching us. He was a very handsome, young, tall, muscular man with a bald head, glowing smile and bright eyes. He had the air of a very friendly warrior type. I knew him and he knew me. He approached me with a smile on his face, but when he drew closer he knew that this wasn’t a happy meeting. He had worry on his face and I waved my hand and told him that this wasn’t about him and that he didn’t need to return, that it was actually about his brother. That his brother needed help and that he was chosen to insert himself and make an attempt to help his brother. He understood right away. I took his face in my hands, we touched foreheads, he whispered “Sweet Jesus”, and I kissed him gently on the lips.

We moved toward the double doors. I pulled the doors open and we both stepped inside.  There were a few people seated on a long sofa or bench directly in front us, facing what looked like a large television screen. The screen faced us and the beings had their backs to us. The beings were in a shadow. There was a man’s face on the screen. He was looking down. His face looked haggard with eyes and cheeks sunken in. His hair was falling out and only had patches on his head and face. His eyes were black and empty. His movements were very slow motion. I felt that the beings observing him were doing a job. When I tuned into the man on the screen and situation, I felt enormous fear. I backed out of the room at that point, thinking, as myself as Sharon back here, that I didn’t want to remain there, so I shut the door and brought myself back to my body quickly.

Back in my body wide awake, I focused on understanding what this experience was all about. What I got was that the man on Earth was addicted to meth or heroin. He was meant to be a big driving force with his gifts in the world for the planets ascension, but was living in squalor and fear, only thinking of his next drug fix. The man that was sent to help him was a soul brother to him from his soul family. He was to be inserted into the Earth experience as an Earth Angel temporarily with a Divine Intervention experience, with the hope of helping his brother back onto his intended path.

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