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Akashic Records Group Astral Trip

Akashic Records Journey's Trip #1 - Trip #3

Trip #1 Morning of 041115

I go into meditation to travel to the Akashic Records. After a moment and my awareness shifts, I'm standing in front of a very wide stone staircase. I'm met by a non-human being. He/she has a very large V shaped protrusion coming off the top of his back like a sideways wing...he turns and I see the same type of winglike protrusion going facing down his back. At first I thought the V at the top was a very large collar, but I see that they might be part of his body...not sure. I believe their folded wings. He also has green skin and a lizard like tongue. He tells me that he can't let me in because I'm not allowed to enter the Hall. I also see some type of filmy barrier covering the doorway to the Hall. I'm concerned at first and then get angry because I've been here many times before, although it's been awhile. So, something comes over me and I shout to him “I Am Sharon Sananda Kumara!...and I will go anywhere I please!” Lol! I He pissed me off! (I'm a lot braver in the Higher Planes. Plus, it's a lot easier to stand in our power in the higher planes because we don't have the crappy thoughts of the earth plane always trying to keep us down.) I got the distinct impression that he and others like him are there to ward off seekers (or maybe he was just meant for me)... who are not resolute in their inner searches. Anyway, after I give him an earful, he moves aside and lets me enter. The barrier dissolves in front of me...but I lose my focus before I get through the doorway.

Trip #2 Morning of 041215

I'm listening to my hemi-synch Gateway CD. I state my intent to travel to the Akashic Records. After the shift in my awareness, I'm met by my guide, Yeshua. He takes my hand a we lift up and begin flying. We land in front of a huge stone, light colored columnar building. I'm met by a very tall white, being. I recognize him as one of the Praying Mantis beings. I also recognize him as my guide from when I've traveled here before. Right away my heart center begins to vibrate with warmth . He speaks telepathically to me and welcomes me back. The feeling from these beings that I've encountered so far is very reverent and extremely polite. He leads me in to the building with extreme politeness and respect.

The doorway is cream colored and very large and wide...I can see a large reflective hallway that doesn't seem to end. As we move through the reflective hallway, our surroundings change and I'm in a very large library. There are bookshelves that reach farther than my senses can see, outward and upward. There are large wooden tables lined up in the middle of the room. I sense that there are other's there, but I don't see them. My guide gestures toward one of the tables for me to sit and view my records. Yeshua is with me. We sit together. A large book appears in front of me. I'm asked by someone in my mind what I would like to see. I open the book and ask my question. I ask to see my future. I click out at that point and only remember snippets of what I see in my book.

Trip #3 Morning of 041815

I'm listening to Gateway Voyage CD free flow focus 10. I induce the vibrations, begin vibrating and lift out of my body. I travel to see Daniela. I find her and try to help lift her out of her body. I see part of her energy lift up and see it is wrapped up in a white blanket. I feel pressure in my solar plexus and look and see that Daniella is stuck at her solar plexus and isn't able to completely lift out. I try to help, but lose my focus. I'm back out...I travel to see Bill. I find him and help him lift out. His astral body lifts out easily, except he's stuck at his head area. I tell him to lift straight up, to relax and imagine disengaging. It works! He's out!  I ask him if he wants to travel to the Akashic Records with me. He say intuitively, "we can go anywhere you like" So, I state our intention and take off. I lose focus again. I'm back out again...we're at the wide steps in front of the Hall of Records. There's a small group of people with me. I know intuitively that its our trip group. We're met by the same guide that I know. I feel the warmth tingling in my heart center again. I introduce our group to him. He politely and warmly says he knows everyone and is expecting us. He asks us to go with him. We travel down the mirrored hallway again. I lose focus again. I'm in the records room. There are lot of people in the room. I'm able to see them this time. Even though there's a lot of people, it doesn't feel crowded. I look up and see floating levels/floors of similar's like a huge holographic copy of where we are...there are tables and large monitors spread throughout the levels. People and different beings are gathered in small groups all around on each level.

I first see a very tall woman “talking” with a man. I get the impression that the man is Perry. They're dressed in clothing from what feels like Ancient Roman or the Renaissance period. She's dressed in a deep purple gown...has deep black hair, very beautiful...he's dressed in a black tunic and wearinhg ehat looks like tan colored loosely fitting pants. He's holding an open scroll and it appears they're deep I concersation about the writing on the scroll. I change my focus and see Bill talking with who I perceive as his guide Samuel. Samuel has short dark hair and is parted on the side. They're sitting at a table deep in conversation. I see who I feel is Janean sitting with about 4 or 5 children. It looks to me like she's reading to them. She and the children look very happy. The children are very focused on what she's telling them. Sara is standing talking with a very tall man with long white hair pulled back in a loose braid. He has a short cropped white beard. I see Orea...she's dressed in a beautiful peach colored tunic....she has a gold and peach head band around her head...her hair is pulled up on top of her head. She's standing and talking with another female...the female is a beautiful turquoise color. I see Stephen...he's standing and talking with a being who has large rounded wings. The being is light green and gold in color. I see Michael...he's sitting at a table with 3 others...they're looking intently at a monitor that's set in the table. He's smiling widely. The beings are humanoid. They have a beautiful energy...pale and iridescent in color. When I focus on heart center warms and I get tears in my eyes from their love vibration. I'm feeling they're from the dolphin realm...which I deeply resonate with. I see Emma...she's dancing/waltzing around the room to the soft, beautiful music that's playing. I didn't even notice the music until I focused on her. When I first see her, she's dancing by herself around the room, she's dressed in a gauzy light blue dress that trails behind her as she moves...and then when I look again, I see a tall man dancing with her. He's wearing a dark blue period suit with coat tails, and a top hat. They're moving so in sync that they look like one dancer. I lose focus again and click out.... I'm out again, and next perceive that we're leaving. It's funny...we leave the room together skipping and dancing down the hall and out onto the steps. We thank our guide and fly off. I'm back in my body.

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