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Atlantis Astral Journey

Atlantis trips

Trip #1 3/20/15 5 am

I induce the vibrational state and state my intent to travel to Atlantis. I am taken immediately to an outdoor scenery with woods on left and buildings that look like houses on my right. The houses look to be stone structures. I'm in the body and mind of a woman....I'm walking down a stone pathway. I feel that I'm in a hurry, that I'm late for a meeting or have just been called somewhere. I'm wearing a light, gauzy tunic type of garment. I'm female with blonde hair...about 35 years old. I'm also observing her from an outside perspective . I'm half running to a building that I know is a meeting place. I'm wearing sandals that have straps around my feet and ankles. I enter the meeting hall. There's an urgency in the air. There are about 10 people inside the meeting hall. A man hands me a golden head piece. I know that i's a communication device. I place it on my head. It wraps around the top of my head fits snugly over my temples. I feel a low soft vibration in my head here in my physical body and I feel slight pressure on my right temple. The experience ends at that point. I return to my body.

Trip #2 3/21/15 7 am

I induce the vibrational state again and state my intent to travel to Atlantis. I feel the shift and find myself as an observer and also feel the emotions and thoughts of the person I'm watching. I see a female. I feel she's the same woman of my first experience. She's in a green grassy, hilly area. She's very happy...she's playing with children. I feel that they are her children. There are 5 children. I suddenly feel a lot of emotion while she interacts with her children. She's wearing another gauzy type of tunic, but this one has prints on it...the other one didn't have prints. I suddenly switch to observing a man...I also feel his thoughts and emotions. He's wearing a dark green long tunic type of shirt and black gauzy loose fitting pants. He has short dark hair. He's walking into the woods. I hear his thoughts. He's going into the woods to meet someone. He walks for quite a ways. He sees a bright light and approaches a space ship. The ship is rounded with domed top. It's about as big as a small house. He's not afraid, he knows them. He approaches them. There are 3 of them. One is standing in the lit doorway and 2 are standing next to the ship on the ground. One is taller than the other. They have long, thin arms and legs. They are taller than him. They glow with white light from within. I'm not able to see their features because of the glow of the light. The taller being hands the man something about the size of a cantaloupe. I'm switching back and forth with my perspective. I know that it's a large infused crystal. The being is instructing him what to do with the crystal. He takes the crystal from the taller being. He turns to walk away. The ship leaves, but he doesn't watch it leave as he walks away. He walks a little ways and then stops and finds a place to bury the crystal. He's digging with something that he brought with him. Some type of hand tool. I'm brought back to my body at this point.

Trip #3 3/22/15 7:30 am

I induce the vibrational state again and state my intent for Atlantis. I'm taken to the perspective of the same woman. I/she is standing on a rocky ledge looking over an ocean. I can feel the wind as she stands and looks out over the ocean. I'm brought back to my body at this point.

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