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Christmas Message from Yeshua

My Beloveds, My Heart is over-filled with gratitude for your honoring of my infant birth among you.

I would come to you now with the message that this Season is more importantly about You, my Family. The Christ Season brings unfailing attention to the Christ Light within You.

I invite you to recall my Love for you in all your thoughts, all your endeavors, in all your relationships.

Recall the Eternal Flame of My Love within your Resplendent Heart as a guide of your Love for All.

I invite you now...Breathe, my Beloveds. Breathe in my Love...breathe out anything else. Continue to Breathe in My Love and breathe out anything else... For We are One within our Hearts.

I invite you Now recall the Eternal Flame of My Love within your Heart as a Guide to brightly shine your Christ Heart for All to see & feel during this Christ Season...and in all Seasons to come.

My Heart is full, my Beloveds. Full from Your Love. Full from Your Love for All.

May you find Pure Joy & Harmony in our Eternal Fathers Loving Gaze...May You find Pure Love & Comfort in our Eternal Mothers Loving Arms.

I invite You Carry this moment forward in All Your Days.

My Love & Light is Always with You and dwells Forever within You!

I Salute You! Peace be with you Now and Always!

Forever Your Brother, Yeshua

Merry Christmas! from Sharon

Channeled 12/24/22

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