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Creating Our Desires - A Channel From a Collective of Higher Selves

How do we create the reality that we want?

Very good question, my dear one. When we speak of creating your own reality, what do you feel this begins with?

A thought.

Yes, a thought. Therefore, you can surmise that in order to create the reality that you want, you must think it into being, yes? So, how do you do this? Remember that what you focus on is what comes to pass. If you focus on what you do not want, you create what you do not want. If you focus on what you do want, you create what you do want. This is the basic principle of the Abraham/Hicks teachings that you are well aware of. The basic principle of creating your own reality is simple, however, the act of doing it is not so simple, yes? When most people of your society are asked to focus on one thing for more than a moment, it is very difficult for them to do this. The normal person has many thoughts going through their mind. The people of your society are almost constantly being bombarded with thought waves from other waves from masses of your electronic world, etc, therefore it is no wonder that many people find it difficult to clear their minds enough to be able to focus on what they desire in life. Not only is focus difficult, but focusing on what a person wants to create rather than what a person fears will happen, can be difficult because of media and societal conditioning of a fear based world.

Therefore, we would humbly suggest for speedy creation, spending time each day to focus on what you wish to create in your life. We would suggest starting out with 5 minutes a day for one week, then move into a focus of 10 minutes a day for another week, then 15 minutes a day for another week, and so on until you reach 30 minutes a day focusing on what you wish to create in your life. By the time you reach 30 minutes of clear focus on your desired creation, we would confidently suggest to you that you will most likely have created your desire by this time. We would imagine that this act of conscious creation will be so exciting for you, that you will not be able to wait until you can begin the creation of another of your desires through focused intent each day. What a wonderful way to create your desires, is it not? Why not consciously and deliberately create your desires, rather than un-consciously create a life that you do not desire for yourself through un-controlled thought and un-conscious negative thought patterns? How exciting life can be when you know that you can create everything that you desire in your life through conscious and controlled thought!

We pray this is helpful. We salute you!

We are your Higher Selves, with Infinite Love.

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