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Exercises and Tools to Connect With Guidance

Exercises and Tools to Connect with Guidance

When you have the desire to begin to consciously connect with your guidance, I would suggest asking for a connection with your Highest Guidance.

Now, I'm sure that you have heard what I am about to say many times before, and the reason we hear this so much is because it is true...regular Meditation is really the best and quickest way to connect consciously with our inner/higher guidance. If you are not used to quiet meditation, I would suggest starting with 10-15 minutes a day, lengthening the time a little at a time, until you reach one hour a day of quiet meditation.

Talking freely with your guidance on a regular basis is also a very good way to connect, and to begin to feel their presence. I suggest talking out loud to guidance about your day and your goals, just as if you are talking to a friend or a family member. I suggest making a set time when you lay down to sleep and/or when you wake up in the morning to say a few words to your guide about your day or your day to come. You may even come up with a name of your own to call your guide by. From my experience, our guides and angels are not concerned with what we call them, but, rather that we simply do call on them.

Keeping a journal of your thoughts when you are talking with your guidance will help you begin to discern your ego's thoughts and those of your higher guidance, or your inner source.... one in the same.

Asking your guide for a sign will help you know that you are actually talking and connecting with a true being. Then becoming aware of the little synchronicity's around you will show you the signs that guidance is sending you. If you remember that guidance normally works with us in subtle ways, then the signs they send you will become more and more evident, as you progress. Trusting what you are seeing, hearing, and feeling is extremely important.  Dismissing any sensations that help you recognize your guidance as merely "imagination" will only serve to cloud any connection. Trusting that you are becoming in tune with your guide will accelerate your progress greatly. Listening to, and trusting your intuition...your inner knowing is extremely important for opening the connection to your inner and higher guidance.

It's also important to know that connecting with your guides and angels is a process that normally does not simply happen over night. So, being patient with the process and being patient with yourself is most important. Then persistence, diligence and total honesty with yourself and your guide will get you there, as sure as anything. Always remember that our guides and angels do not ever judge us. They love us completely unconditionally. They know and see what we do, and are aware of our thoughts, and still manage to love us beyond measure. :) I joke, however, when you begin to feel the presence of your guides and angels, you will feel and recognize their all-encompassing and unconditional Love deep within your Soul Core. When you begin to feel your guide's Love, I will go so far as to promise you, you will wonder how you made it through your life so far, without consciously including them in your life, just as I did. Please let me know how you do.

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