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Greetings All,

Thank you for visiting. I'm very excited to be back writing and connecting with everyone. I feel very blessed today. My guidance is nudging me...I feel it. Do you ever feel that nudge, but not sure what it's for? That's what I feel today. I guess I'll figure it out as I go. I'll just let it flow. I saw a bald eagle fly down the river today. That would seem to be a powerful sign for today. We don't see bald eagles in our area on the Tualatin River very often. I'm blessed to live on the river. There's a peaceful nourishment here that is hard to find in today's world. I believe that we forget to nurture our soul, our spirit, to nurture our heart, to nurture our minds. I believe that our heart, soul and minds cry out for nurturing...for peaceful nourishing. I see and feel it all around me. Even some people who would seem to have achieved the American, status, and all that comes with it...but, I see and feel that the soul still cries out for connection to something nourishing, to something that gives them peace. I see it, I feel it in so many people I come in contact with in every day life, too. I feel it in myself at times. I forget sometimes. And then I receive a nudge from my guidance.  Perhaps my eagle was that nudge today. My prayer to the Universe today is that everyone remember their connection to their heart and soul nourishment. That everyone find that peaceful nourishment that we seem to all seek.

My plan with my Blog is to share insights, meditations, tools for connection, experiences, channels, writings, and what comes to mind. I hope you enjoy and share your thoughts and insights with me.

With Love, Sharon Sananda

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