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Updated: Aug 7, 2023

If you become wholly committed to awakening from the dream you have dreamt since the stars first began to appear in the heavens and if your one desire is to be only what God created, then lay at the altar of your Heart with every breath, everything you think you know, everything you think you need, and look lovingly upon every place that fear has made a home in your mind, and allow correction to come. It will come.

Regardless of how you experience it, it will come. And fear and suffering will have vanished like a wind that pushed the foam of the wave away, revealing the clarity of the ocean beneath you.

You will literally feel throughout your being that there never was a dream. Some memories might remain with the you and you will know that somewhere you must have dreamt a dream or had a thought of wondering what it would be like to be other than the way God created you, but it will be such a faint echo that it will leave no trace upon you. In your Heart you will smile gently regardless of the circumstances in which you find yourself.

There will be peace from the crown of the head to the tips of the toes, and that peace will walk before you wherever you go.

It will enter a room before you enter it with a body, and those who are becoming sensitive will wonder who has come into their place. And some will even say "Behold, I believe Christ has come for dinner." And you will be that One, for that is who you are - Christ Eternal" - Jeshua

From The Way of Mastery

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