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Is Humanity Existing in a Time Loop?

Conversation with Higher Self.

Question: Is humanity existing in a time loop?

Answer: Yes, humanity as we know it that exists in the 3rd dimension does indeed exist in a time loop, if you will. The reason for this is that there are many beings which prefer the stagnation of humanity's spiritual growth. This is because of the greed and power hungry beings which continue to dominate beings who are disconnected, if you will, from their fuller awareness. Fuller awareness will bring forth the freedom from the chains of the illusion that source or god, if you will, exists outside of one self. This is the ultimate illusion which will continue to enslave all beings who continue to believe that they need saviours to save them from what they consider to be the trials and tribulations of their life. The time loop that you speak of is one that has existed for many eons. This time loop is what we would view as a matrix that surrounds your planet. This matrix is what upholds or protects the astral plane surrounding your planet. The astral plane upholds or protects the illusion that a soul must return to the earth plane again and again. Or for instance the soul is filled with a sickness returning the soul back to the earth plane because of attachments. Attachments are unhealthy for the soul. The only true freedom for the soul is awareness that we are pure unconditional love/light. The time loop exists to enslave the unaware. Once a being becomes aware of the prison matrix and begins to think and feel for one -self, then the consciousness is able to rise above the matrix or astral plane and remember that time does not exist, and that time is merely an illusion. This matrix or time loop event can be equated to a higher/faster frequency global mesh/light surrounding a colony of beings who are only able to perceive a lower/slower frequency of light. This higher frequency of light is woven so that it is in solid form and can only be penetrated by vibrating at a higher frequency than the mesh or light/sound frequency encapsulating the colony. For instance when a soul leaves the body or earth vehicle, if it continues to vibrate at a 3rd to 4th dimensional frequency, then the soul is not able to rise above the matrix which surrounds the planet. The soul believes that it has reached 'heaven' perhaps, because the higher 4th dimension is brighter and higher vibrationally than the 3rd, however, it is limited and therefore, causes , the soul to continue to incarnate to the 3rd dimensional frequency over and over and over.... The soul believes that he/she is moving forward in time, however, he/she is simply pedaling on a 'hamster wheel', if you will, never to realize her/his true source. This soul contributes to the fears and insecurities of the planet, feeding into the matrix-ial consciousness, becoming 'food' for the beings who have constructed the matrix, and continue to keep it in place.

You, my dear one, and many like you have taken on the task and challenge of assisting in the awakening of this planet's consciousness. You have agreed to take on many challenges in this life plan, which have allowed for the door to be opened for your 'memory' to return to your waking consciousness. You, and many like you are warriors, with the ability returned to be able to see beyond the veil, and the illusion of the fear based reality. As you know, fear is the true soul's enemy. Fear is what continues to keep the earth consciousness trapped within the prison matrix. A few examples of the fear we speak of are the fear of not having enough, the fear of not being good enough, the fear of judgment, the fear that the prison matrix constructors continue to bombard humanity with through mainstream media, government entities, huge corporations, etc who perpetuate and profit or feed off of the insecurities (fears) of humanity.

We, your higher selves, applaud each and every one of you, our precious earth personalities, who have taken on this mission of ultimate strength and compassion. For we know how painstakingly difficult the 3d vibration can be for our soul vehicles to continue to vibrate at an awakened level of frequency. However, you, the teachers are our precious warriors, who bring the Light of your higher selves, into your every day lives....allowing for the continued disintegration of the prison matrix, and the continued awakening of the Earth consciousness. All moving Her forward into the 5th Dimensional Frequency and Higher/Free Earth! We Salute You!

Thank you, my Higher Self!

As I was channeling the part that mentions all of our higher selves working together, I could see many beings gathering around me, making up a mutli-dimensional brightly colored light was beautiful! My higher self wanted to speak a lot more, so I'll have to make sure to make time to channel more messages. I've been spending a lot more time reading lately, and need to make sure to make time to write or channel, keep the balance. :)

With Eternal Love, Sharon

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