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It's Here! My 1st Book 'Awakened Soul' is Now Published!

After more than 10 years in the making, it's officially published!

This book captures some of the wild and crazy story of my Awakening Journey following the death of my stepfather and my 2001 NDE where I was met by Christ.

During my 2001 NDE, Christ eventually took me on a journey to a higher vibrational ocean world, where I was reunited with my aquatic family.

I also want to share that someone I had just met asked me if my book was religious since my book cover shows a depiction of Christ. When asked that, I had to laugh a little because this story is anything but religious. It actually pushes against the boundaries of fundamental religion. It's a merging of the worlds of healing through Christ's true metaphysical teachings, coupled with His immense and infinite love for each of us.

But I understand the programming. My hope is to break through that programming.

The Christ, or Yeshua, that I know spent so much time with me one-on-one as my counselor and teacher, helping me heal lifetimes of repressed trauma. There was absolutely no religion involved.

The methods he guided me through included past life and current life soul retrieval work, and out-of-body experience work. I prefer to call this work in-the-body-experience or soul work. My intense awakening and healing with Him helped me overcome debilitating anxiety and panic attacks and recall lifetimes such as Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, as well as when Yeshua walked the planet, through the eyes of Mary Magdalene.

His work with me is the furthest thing from religious, it's true spiritual and soul work. My soul is now AWAKE because of patience and dedication with me.

As Yeshua taught us, Christ is within each of us, whether we realize it or not.

If your drawn, you can purchase your copy on Amazon now. Paperback, hard cover and kindle versions are available on Amazon right now with the Audible version coming soon. Please note that the paperback version is offered at a discounted price for a limited time only until I direct Amazon to offer the book in other bookstores. Amazon will increase the price by $4 at that time.

And if you enjoy this book, stay tuned because I'm currently working on Awakened Soul II that is dedicated solely to more of my out-of-body experience journey thus far.

Gratefully! Sharon :)

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