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Message #7 from Yeshua - Sing Your Song!

Sing Your Song

Dearest Heart, how do we sing like the birds with a full Heart? We sing together. This is how. When I gaze upon you, I gaze upon Joy for life. I gaze upon pureness of Heart. When you open up your voice and sing from the Heart, the Angels sing with you. Listen. They are Singing with and for you now. Did you not know that you are a song? You are a unique song within the infinite Orchestra of Creation. This moment is your Opus. You might

say this is your Magnum Opus. Why not play your song from the Heart? Your Heart will always find the way to Me. For our Hearts are One, never to be parted. I do Love Your Song. Forever Yours, Yeshua

Channeled thru Sharon S. Kumara Aug 11, 2023

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