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New Years Message from Mary Magdalene - You are Renewed

Updated: May 15

Channeled message from Mary Magdalene thru Sharon S. Kumara

January 1, 2023 New Years Message

Dear Family of Love & Light, I come today to wish you a Blessed journey into the New Year of your Earth experience.

We watch with great love and gratitude for your dedication and love for your brethren and your mother Earth, who you affectionately call Gaia.

We celebrate with you as you pass into a new phase of your Earth mission. Yes, I say Earth mission, for your focus on your realm is indeed a mission that your soul chose long ago.

This all-important mission is a mission of hope, of love, of joy, of peace, and is also one of pain, of sorrow, of anger, of grief, all the emotions the human experience has to offer. Each is Blessed. Just think, my sisters & brothers, if you had not chosen the full spectrum of emotion within the human experience, then you could not say that you have truly lived! For all are valid & all are loved.

We walk through all these emotions along with you, sisters & brothers. For we walk with you within all your choices. We feel your joys and we feel your sorrows. We shed tears of joy with you and tears of sorrow. For we have walked this planet in the same form as you. Now our frequency & form is such that we have the ability to help magnify your joy and help relieve your sorrow. We invite you to include us in your joys and ask us for relief in any sorrows. We are here for you and with you. Please do not ever doubt that we are not with you.

As you turn your attention to the New Year that is upon you, we invite that you see every moment as a new opportunity. We invite you recall that every moment in your earth journey as an opportunity for renewal, for growth, for reflection, for healing, for love, for joy and for strength.

For the coming year holds many opportunities for you to stand steadfast in your resolve as a Warrior of LOVE.

You will find there will be many opportunities to come that will endeavor to seduce you to give into the illusion of fear and dismay. We would ask that you do not allow the trickery of these mind distortions, to erode the resolve of your mission. Yes, we see these lower frequency tricks laid in wait for the human mind to become fearful & confused. We, as your brethren in Light, know too well of the importance of recognizing these mind tricks and 'sleight of hand', for the illusion is persistent, is it not?

We invite you to keep your mind focused on the ONE Truth at all times, and especially during any challenging times to come. We speak of the ONE Truth that your Brother, our Beloved, Yeshua came to the planet to help you remember. The ONE Truth we speak to you now is that YOU ARE LOVE. YOU ARE LIGHT. YOU ARE INFINITE.

There is no darkness, there are no tricks, there is no death, there is no veil that can ever change the ultimate TRUTH. YOU ARE LOVE. YOU ARE LIGHT. YOU ARE INFINITE. Your INFINITE Power as a Warrior of LOVE & LIGHT is bestowed upon you by the ONE of the MOST HIGH and is beyond reproach!

I invite you now to Breathe in the INFINITE LOVE & LIGHT of your very existence.

Feel the LOVE and the LIGHT of your INFINITE Creator fill your lungs, fill your heart, fill your whole Being. Replenish & renew your reservoir, my family.

Now breathe out all that binds you to any pains or any sorrows. You can let it go now. Let it go. We are here to lift it from you.

Allow your INFINITE Mother & INFINITE Father to transmute into Pure LIGHT what weighs on your heart and on your mind.

You no longer need carry these burdens, my sisters & brothers. You can let them go now. Our shoulders are broad. We will carry them for you as we lift them to the MOST HIGH together. Sense, see, feel, hear, know as these burdens are transmuted into the Pure Light of the MOST HIGH.

We are ever Grateful. You have come so far. We invite you now to allow us to remove your armor for just a moment so you may rest in the INFINITE LOVE & PEACE of the INFINITE Mother & INFINITE Father’s arms. Allow their all Loving embrace to calm & soothe your senses now. We invite you to stay in this Loving Peace as long as you wish.

Once you are complete, we continue to encircle you with our Love.

Now, as you return your attention to your human experience and pick up your Armor of God, notice how much lighter it is. Notice that it is Renewed. Notice that it glistens & shines with the Light of One Thousand Suns! You are Renewed, Dear Brothers & Sisters!

We Salute you! We Love You!

I Am Mary of Magdala

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