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OOBE's From My Journal - Petting Belugas & Yeshua in Flying Craft

3 OOBE’S January 15

Petting Beluga Whale

I exited and tried to get my and my friend's place in the astral. During the first OOBE I exited and didn't have sight. I focused on our place and felt that I was floating in water. I regained sight and saw I was in a large body of water and it was nighttime. The stars were big and beautiful. I didn't see anything but water. I just floated along enjoying the peace and quiet and the feeling of floating in the water. I soon returned to my body and exited again. I had my sight right away and saw that I was in my front yard. I focused on our place and went down the street and came upon a hill. I walked over the hill and the ocean was on the other side of the hill! I just manifested the ocean! There were a lot of people on the beach. I focused on the people going away, because I wanted to explore by myself. Most of them disappeared, but some stayed. I returned to my body again soon afterward and then was successful in exiting again. So, I focused on manifesting our place again just over the same hill. I focused on dolphins swimming in the ocean, too, and other aspects of our place. I went over the hill and there was the ocean again! There were really big, beautiful dolphins jumping around in the ocean. They swam up to me as I went in the water. I was able to pet them as they swam around me. Then 2 beluga whales came up to me. I pet them, as well. It was so much fun! I came out of the water and one of the whales followed me and morphed into a man. He said he was the caretaker of the whales. We talked for awhile...I can't remember what we talked about, though...I think I lost my lucidity and started dreaming at that point.

April 17 approx 4 am

OOBE – Yeshua in flying craft

I was half asleep and half awake, and became aware that I was in the perfect state to try and create movement that might propel me to leave my body. So, I remember visualizing creating movement by rocking my body back and forth like I was sitting in a rocking chair. I visualized myself sitting in a chair and rocking back and forth. This worked, and I was able to release my energy body from my physical body. I then jumped up and left my body, and then my bedroom. I went out thru my bedroom door and through the window in the hallway. I walked from my hallway into a courtyard that was wasn't my backyard.

The courtyard felt familiar to me, and had a good feeling to it. I stood there for a second or two clearing my vision and getting a feel for the place. After that, the first thing I normally do when I consciously go out of body is call for Yeshua. So I began calling his response. I continued calling for Yeshua. When I'm out of body, I become a little impatient, because I know that at any second my awareness can very easily return to my body, and my experience is over. All it takes is a thought about my physical body, or any movement in the room, etc.

I continued calling for Yeshua, and then my attention was brought to the sky, and I saw a small cigar shaped flying craft. I saw a person's face in the driver's seat...there was a clear window, so I could clearly see who was piloting the craft. I saw and knew intuitively that it was Yeshua! He was smiling a huge smile at me as he glided by. I didn't hear noise from the craft...I just saw and felt him laughing and smiling at me. He circled overheard a few times and kept flying by me, but getting closer and closer with each circle. Each time he flew by, his face would get bigger and I could see his smile clearer. I kept getting more excited as he kept getting closer. I then began yelling as loud as I could for him to come to me....almost demanding it. I felt like he was teasing me. I think he likes to have fun with me that way. In retrospect, I believe he was lowering his vibration, and this was probably how he sent that message to me.

Not long after I began yelling for him to come to me, he walked around the corner of the court-yard entrance-way and then was standing right in front of me. He appeared so clear and so vivid, and so beautiful! In my experiences when I'm actively aware, the colors and clarity of my vision there is a lot clearer and more intense than in this vibration.

Yeshua was smiling so widely....I could feel so much love from his smile and from his eyes and how he looked at me. He looked at me as if I was the most precious thing in the world to him.

I told him, “you're really here!'s really you!” He told me “yes”, and smiled wider.

I approached him, and ran my hands over his face....I kept running my hands all over his face..and kept saying...”it's really you!'re really here!” I guess I just wanted to memorize his face with my hands.

And then my thoughts turned to merging, and the next thing I remember was that my awareness was fading back to my body.

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