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OOBE's From My Journal - Trip to Jupiter's Moon & OhioDome

OOBE April 6 approx 7 am

Trip to Jupiter’s Moon

I exited and found myself in a beautiful outdoor setting that sort of looked like my neighborhood, only more colorful and brighter. I asked to be taken to one of Jupiter's moons that may be inhabited. I began flying and after a little while the scene changed into a less colorful outdoor scene without trees and plants. There was color, but it was more drab.  There were large coral or pink colored pyramid buildings all around. The tops of the pyramids were faces of some kind of animals rather than the pyramid points. I remember seeing what I recognized as the face of a frog. I don't know if the faces were different animals or the same, but I remember thinking they were different. And then one pyramid opened and I heard a male voice ask me to come inside. He guided me thru the building. There were beings inside, but I don't remember what they looked like. I could clearly hear him talking to me, but I didn't see him. As he guided me thru the building he was telling me what each area was for. He used words with *ation* at the end a lot. And he'd say stuff like *this is where we perform the *something-ation* and things like that. I remember thinking, I need to remember this stuff! But, of course I don't remember any of the precise words he used. Then he took me over to a wall, that wasn't a wall, but was in the middle of the room, with a lot of invisible shelves. (If that makes any sense at all.) What I saw was that on the shelves were approx 8"x 10" size square films or microfiche type of things. They were stacked on top of each other, but weren't touching each other. They were just floating above each other without any visible means of support. I slid one out and looked at it and it had a picture of Micky Mouse on it. He told me something about this part having earth information, but I can't remember his exact words. I remember he had a good sense of humor and was funny. He talked like he was trying to imitate an earth type of dialect, almost like a Brooklyn accent. It was funny. I faded back to my body while looking at this info area.

2 OBE's Son and Ohio Dome

I had 2 obe's this morning. In the first one I asked to be with my son. I found myself inside a house. There was a little boy around 4 or 5 playing hide and seek with his parents. I watched as they played. I talked to the little boy at one point, but I don't remember what we talked about.

In my 2nd obe I found myself in a very large place where people were all sitting at tables. I don't remember if they were eating or just talking. It was a beautiful regal type looking place.  The people were dressed in rather dressy clothing. I had been thinking lately that I want to ask where I am when I find myself in a unfamiliar, interesting place. So, I asked out loud a couple of times, *where am I?* I looked up at the ceiling that looked like a sky, and saw words forming across the ceiling. They slowly spelled out OHIODOME. And then they morphed into the word DOLPHINS. At that instant the ceiling morphed into a sea of dolphins. They were flying and jumping across the sky. It was quite a sight! I watched with my mouth hanging wide open for what seemed like a long time. And then I got the urge to swim with them, so I jumped up into the sky and swam alongside them. My experience ended while I was swimming with the dolphins.

Note: This was posted by another member of my OOBE group: "Ohio is famous for the ASM geodesic dome which has water cascading down its sides. The building is 3 stories and includes a dining room.  Maybe there was a dinner party that night!"

I had never head of the ASM Geodesic Dome before this.

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