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Out of Body Experience of Controlling Waves

Controlling the Waves

I went out of body this morning and found myself without astral sight. I remembered reading in the DO_OBE book that when the author finds himself in what he calls the *void* or without astral sight, he spins himself around and he gets his sight, or he theorizes enters another plane. So anyway, I tried spinning around and it worked.

I found myself in a body of water that looked like a river with big waves like ocean waves. I say a river because it was narrow with rock or concrete sides on each side. As soon as I got my sight I saw a really big wave coming at me. I thought I don't want this wave to hit, it stopped right in front of me and receded back. I thought that was very cool. Every wave that came at me did the same thing!

I then flew up out of the river after playing with the waves for a little while and explored. I was in a sort of drab looking place with a lot of rock and dirt roads. I saw a couple of people, but they seemed to be trying to hide from me. When I saw them, they sort of quickly glanced at me as they walked away hurriedly like they didn't want me to see them. I didn't feel a bad feeling about the place, though. I called out for Lila (my guide) a few times, but I didn’t see her anywhere. I faded back soon afterward. I then realized I was calling out for LEELA, not LILA. I got intuitively that the vibration of the name is different, so she may not have recognized it. I don’t know where I got any of that from, either. I wish I had remembered to ask where I was.

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