Out of Body Trip to a Fairyland

Trip to Fairyland?

I exited my body and concentrated on traveling to Fairy-Land. I didn't have astral sight at first, but my sight came to me quickly when I asked for clear sight. I was in front of a bright yellow house that sort of looked like my house, but my house isn’t yellow. The colors of the trees and houses were very bright and vibrant. I immediately took flight asking to be taken to Fairy Land. I eventually came upon 3 children approx 10 or 11 years old. We began talking. I told them I was looking for Fairy Land and one boy pointed in a direction, so I took off flying again in that direction. As I was flying, some beings with HUGE bright colorful wings appeared around me. They looked like gorgeous butterflies, except they had 4 wings instead of 2. They soared along around me. I couldn’t tell what the being inside the wings were because they were too far away…if they were humanoid or insect-like. Eventually one of the beings came closer and morphed into a young blonde woman holding a baby on her lap. She was sitting on a green flying pad covered by a very colorful canopy. She talked to me as she flew along beside me and asked me if I knew where her husband was. She said she couldn’t find him. I told her I didn’t know where he was. I came back to my body at that point, with a song playing in my head. It was unfamiliar to me. I remember the words being played over and over, though, and were somewhere along the lines of “I’m trying to find you and can’t find you”. The song began playing as she flew up to me. I don’t know if I found Fairy Land but I did find something very interesting.

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My name is Sharon Sananda Kumara. I remembered the name of Sharon Sananda Kumara in 2003 when I was working intensely with my guides on what they termed my Quickening.

I've compiled this site with the intent of sharing my experiences, my gifts and just my musings, in the hopes that any of it might help any who come here with their life journey on this beautiful planet, we call Mother Earth.

- Sharon Sananda Kumara


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