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Past Life Retrievals with My Dog

In order for me to be able to do the work I do, I had to explore my own lifetimes and retrieve the stuck energy. I do all this with the help of my guidance, which we do with every client.

Warning!: these are recollections of the death experience so they may be disturbing to read. Please do not read further if this type of thing is disturbing to you.

I'm sharing some lifetimes that are with my dog companion, Venus, who crossed over in this lifetimeAugust 8, 2010. When we found each other again in this lifetime, I was guided to do these retrievals on her and I. As you'll read we are very close.

3rd Century Mongolia

In this retrieval, Venus is my horse. She's a red horse, and I call her Red....not much imagination on my part.:) I'm a male and she's a female in this lifetime. It's the 3rd century, and we're Mongolian. We die in battle. The enemy wounds us both, and then kills us by cutting both our heads off while we're still alive. In this retrieval, I don't even have to tell Red anything....she comes with me right away, and I take her Home.

13th Century Egypt

In another retrieval, she's my dog. She's black, and I call her Crescent, because she has a crescent shaped scar on her face. I'm a female in that lifetime, and so is she. It's the 13th century in Egypt. I see her and I walking on a path through some trees. I see 2 big cats that I believe are tigers come out of the trees. They attack, kill and eat us. When I enter the retrieval, I pick Crescent up, hold her to my heart...she intuits to me that she's been looking for me...she thought the cats got me. She's worried about the cats. I tell her everything is OK, that I'm going to take her where she'll be safe, and I take her Home. And then I go back for the cats. I find them and ask them to come with me so they can be with other tigers...they can play...and the food is plentiful. They were very hungry, that's why they killed us. They were also stuck in the situation. However, they come with me, and I take them to some brown colored robed beings, who take them from there. In another retrieval, Venus is a dog again. She's a white dog, and her name is Luna.... which is Spanish for Moon. We're both female again. It's the 6th century in Spain, I believe. We're inside a hut type home. I'm feeding Luna, and getting the meal ready for my mate and I.

Luna is inside the hut with me...but my mate isn't in the hut with us. All of a sudden, I see a HUGE black bear come barreling through the entrance to the hut. But, it's not a bear, it's a man in a full bear skin. Luna attacks the bear/man, but the bear/man throws her to the side, and kills her. She doesn't know that she's dead, and continues to attack the bear/man in her non-physical body, trying to protect me. However, the bear/man kills me, too. I, also continue to fight him off in my non-physical body. Neither one of us accepts the fact that we're dead. In this retrieval, I go to Luna, and tell her that we're safe...that the bear/man is long gone. At that point the bear/man disappears. And I retrieve her, so she's safe and Home now.

19th Century Egypt

In another life I see that Venus was a beautiful black horse that I named Onyx. I was male...she was female...we were soldiers in Egypt in the 1800's. I saw that her and I were decked out in battle dress. I was riding her and carrying a long flag pole. It was a flag of truce. I was a Sentry riding to tell the enemy that the war was over. We had to cross a river. We got on a small barge to cross the river, however the barge began sinking before we could reach the other side. We went into the river, the current carried us off, but we were able to swim to the other side. However, there was a muddy hill, and we couldn't climb up it. I saw that there were enemy at the top of the hill. I yelled at them that I was under a flag of truce, and even had my flag with me, and that the war was over. But, they didn't care, and pummeled Onyx and me with arrows. We died in the river. But, I was so angry that they didn't honor the truce that I refused to die, and Onyx, always being my faithful loving companion, did the same. We spent the next 200 years trying to climb that hill and finish our job.

I begin the retrieval and found Onyx by herself still trying to climb the hill. I helped her to the top of the hill, and told her that we had done our job, and that I would protect her, and we could go home.She goes willingly with me.

Ancient Egypt

This lifetime was in Egypt again during the time of Queen Nefertiti. I was a priestess, my name was Black Pearl in English. Venus was a black panther…her name is Water in English. She was my close companion. We are in a terrible drought. I saw that we were in a Temple..I'm feeling strongly that the Temple was located in the Sphinx. I was dressed in ritual attire…mostly gold…Water is wearing a gold collar. I'm sitting in meditative position on the floor, Water was laying next to me. My guide Sananda tells me to look at the walls…I see hieroglyphics of ET’s with large heads, long, skinny arms and huge eyes. I know that I’m there as a sacrifice to the ET’s, (we see them as God’s) to bring rain. I have to stay in the temple until I transition out of my body (or die)…Water, too. I begged Nefertiti to please not sacrifice Water, but they wouldn’t let her out of the deal. It takes us 13 days to die of thirst. Water doesn’t understand what’s happening, and becomes very frightened and agitated…we don’t have any water or food. I can’t meditate to ease my transition because I have to try and calm her. It doesn’t do any good…she’s a panther…but she never turns on me. I become very angry because I didn’t think that sacrificing Water was necessary. I died very angry. The ET’s come and take our bodies, but the sacrifice doesn’t bring about what we are sacrificed for. I was the last of 15 who are sent to do this. I stayed, though to haunt the temple, Water stayed with me. I cursed whoever came into the Temple.

The retrieval – I find Water pacing the room. I tell her that I found a way out of the temple, and have come back for her. I apologize for my anger, and tell her that my anger is what kept us there. She’s happy to see me. Sananda is Akhenaten...he beams us up to the Mother Ship together. He greets us.I'm filled with emotion in seeing Him again. We're standing in front of a huge window, and looking out over the stars and planets in that dimension. We're Home again.

Sharon Sananda

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