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Shine Your Sun

Greetings, my friends! I Am the One named Mary Magdalene. I am here this day to relay a message which is meant to assist with your journey.

We begin with a meditation.

Please bring your attention to what you call your solar plexus chakra. To your naval area.

No please utilize your inner vision and see your solar plexus area as a brightly lit Sun, with all the colors of the Sun.

See this sun glowing brightly and shining forth from your solar plexus.

See your sun shining forth brightly lit rays streaming out from the central point.

Now see these glowing rays shining forth from your center, shining out further into your energy field.

See and feel the rays of your central sun bathing your entire being with red, orange, yellow and golden rays of radiant light.

Feel the power of your sun within your being.

Now feel the healing powers of your sun as your Sun’s rays wash over your physical body, and streaming forth, permeating through your energy bodies.

Feel the warmth, feel the light, feel the soothing, healing power of the rays of your sun. See, feel and know the strength that your sun brings to your being.

Radiate the glorious rays from your central sun at will, my friends.

When you radiate your sun, you shine and feel your strengths.

When you radiate your sun, you feel and know your courage.

When you radiate your sun, you are able to repel and transmute any lower energies which have been clinging onto your solar plexus, thus cleansing old fears and habits which no longer serve you.

Radiate your sun, my friends, and realize how you begin to attract higher and clearer energies into your awareness and into your life.

When you radiate your sun, notice how you will feel and remember the inner strength and light of your central sun.

You may also notice how your inner vision will begin going through a cleansing process, resulting in an inner vision of clarity and focus.

When your inner vision is clear and focused, my friends, you will notice how your outer vision begins to emanate your inner vision, bringing brightness and clarity to the world around you.

When you radiate your sun, you may notice how others comment on how you seem to smile more, and how you seem to carry an inner glow within you.

When others begin to comment on your transformation, my friends, I ask that you share your beauty secrets, my sisters and brothers. I ask that you share how you glow like the sun because you have your sun glowing brightly within you.

Share your sun with the world, my friends. Radiate your brightness. I ask that you do not be discouraged if you seem to shine too brightly for some. Know that the sun still continues to shine in the heavens, even though some prefer the haze and the clouds. Your sun will burn away the haze and the clouds, my brothers and sisters.

Realize your Central Sun, my dear friends, and walk your days in Strength, Courage, and Light.

I leave this message with you now.  I bless you this day with the Eternal Rays of the Great Central Sun.

I Am the One Named Mary Magdalene.

I Am Eternally Grateful, Dear Mary.

Channeled through Sharon Sananda Kumara

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