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Spirit Face

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

I just have to share this...In September, 2014 I attended an amazing medium-ship retreat on the Olympic Peninsula put on by Alyson Gannon, with about 40 participants. Alyson is a very gifted medium and I've learned so much from her. This was truly an amazing experience and so much fun!...just like camp when we were kids. I'm sure you can imagine that the spirit vibration was thru the roof! The weather was perfect, so we had a campfire one night. Of course, we all got out our cameras and began snapping photos trying to get some cool orb photos. Well, we got a lot more than orbs! My roomie got a couple of amazing photos of a floating face! We tried to de-bunk it as a spirit with the camera angle and everything, but in the end we just couldn't explain it. The conclusion was a floating spirit face, and none of us had any idea who this spirit might the time. So, after I arrived home, this amazing photo really stayed with me. But, then things came together for me after showing it to people. I mentioned to one person how my step-dad used to wear horned rim glasses when they weren't cool and I used to tease him about them. Dad passed in 1998.

A friend suggested I get out some photos of Dad and compare the two. So, I did...and I almost fell off my chair when I saw the resemblance! Also, I did an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) session with Dad right after the retreat and at one point I asked asking him to put a thought in my mind and I immediately thought about his glasses and about the photo. But, it still didn't dawn on me that he might have been telling me that it was him...some medium I am! Lol! Dad always shows up to me in my dreams and OOBE's with those darn glasses on, so I didn't really think anything more of it. Also, to attest to his humor, dad put a clear message on my mother's telephone answering machine not long after he passed... so he obviously is good at manipulating our energy field, too. Anyway! Please feast your eyes on these amazing photos! The first photo looks to be the spirit manifesting in this plane, and the 2nd is a super clear profile photo. It also looks like another face facing forward on the 1st photo to the left. These photos are both cropped.

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