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Yeshua Leads Me on Incredible Journey to The Central Sun

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

This is an excerpt (before editing) from my upcoming book about my 2001 NDE and the aftermath, due to be published in 2024.

Yeshua meets me in my meditation again. He's guiding me on another journey. I see Him in front of me facing me. He looks just as real and physical as I am. He’s wearing a light covered tunic with a rust-colored sleeveless tunic cover that is open in the front. His hair is down around his shoulders. He’s smiling at me with his eyes more than anything else and with a love filled smile on his face. He puts his right hand out in front of him gesturing for me to take his hand. I do. And just like before in my NDE, I’m very aware of the physical feel of his hand. I can feel what seems like every line on his hand. I’m thinking again that being on the earth plane is like wearing a glove over our senses.

When I take his hand, he brings me near him and puts his arms around me. He’s taller than me. My face is against his neck and collarbone. I lay my head against his shoulder for a moment. I feel like I’m home again. At some point while I rest my head on his shoulder, we’re transported to a place with the most stunning colors of red, orange and yellow all around us. We’re standing on a glistening white sandy beach. Yeshua and I are standing together side by side. I don’t recall how I got there or coming out of his embrace. I’m looking out over a body of what I think is water that looks like an ocean, but I know now is probably not water, but a different type of energetic ocean. There are gentle waves that are lapping onto the shore in front of us. The energy ocean is glistening as if it’s filled with brilliant blue iridescent diamonds. I can’t really describe the colors. The closest I can think of is a sapphire blue in the depths that shines out with all the colors from all the spectrum of colors in that blue-purple spectrum. The atmosphere around us is orange, red, yellow and golden in every hue and combination that I can imagine in that fiery spectrum. The sand is glistening white and silver. I knew afterward that what we can perceive of our colors here on Earth are a small part of what I was experiencing then.

I was using all my senses to see, hear and feel the colors. I was immersed in them.

The colors were alive. The atmosphere around us was alive, the ocean in front of us was alive, the sand on the ground where we stood was alive.

I felt the life force of all the colors. The atmosphere, the ocean and the ground were the conduit for the life force of the colors. They all sang and danced around, and for us. It was symbiotic. It was an immense feeling of harmony, joy and the utmost pleasure and connection. There was the symbiotic feeling of the colors natural state as being in the infinite state of service to others and creation.

I felt that the colors were immensely joyful in their natural state of creation. Their continuous creation was a form of healing. The colors are also weavers of Light. This is how they create and heal. These words don't come close to expressing what I was shown are the colors’ immense role.

I felt and knew their sentience and joy for being able to be of service and creation for and with us while I was there. I can’t say for sure how long I stood there with Yeshua and communed with the colors. In Earth time, I think it was about 10 minutes. With the difference in frequencies, who knows how long that could be in the Central Sun time. A lifetime, maybe.

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carissa anderson
carissa anderson
Sep 22, 2023

This is so exciting and woW is it moving! You do such a good job describing your experience in almost feels like I'm there with you. I am so mesmerized by your journey, thank you for sharing. I look forward to reading more, this is a really beautiful piece of work. You have the gift of experience and the gift of sharing, bRaVo!


Therese Wade
Therese Wade
Sep 19, 2023

Beautiful description of your experience! It makes so much sense that the colors that blend together to make visible light would have their own consciousness and would be performing "Service". It also makes sense that there are additional colors beyond the wavelengths of what the human eye normally can see. Although I have experienced colors playing a significant role in healing and meditation before, I will be communing with them in a more profound way after reading this. Thank you!

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