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Session Rates & Services


Note: Contact me at if you are interested in attending the Sept 13 - Sept 15   2024 Ocean Shores Women's Retreat.  Space is limited!

Session rates are applicable for in-person sessions (if requested; see more info below) and remote sessions conducted via phone call or Zoom video. All sessions are intended for the client's healing and can include Psychic & Mediumship Readings with departed Loved Ones, Past Life Readings & Soul Retrieval readings, Angel Readings, Spirit Guide & Life Guidance Readings, Ascended Master & Galactic Channels, and other varied services..  

In person sessions: if you prefer an in-person session, I see clients on weekends in Beaverton, OR. To book an in-person session contact me to book your session. 

Check out amazing conversations & more on my YouTube channel @SharonSanandaKumara & and please subscribe if you enjoy the content. 


I'm always looking for people who I'd like to highlight on my YouTube channel who are metaphysical or holistic practitioners and/or who have had unusual experiences and would like to share them on my podcast.  Contact me if this interests you. 




Sunset in the Woods


Rustic Beach Path


$5 for each additional person in the session


$5 for each additional person in the session


By phone or email only


Fog and Nature




Wetland Creation


90 minute initial session in pers only (subsequent sessions are 1 hour)


House Cleansing or Space Blessing (contact Sharon to book)

$170 minimum

House call for a reading session (contact Sharon to book)

$170 minimum

​To prepare for a session, please spend a little time before your session in some quiet time to help clear your mind & open your heart to your session. I also ask that you enter a session with openness  leaving expectations behind. And please be in a quiet space for your session with minimal interruptions. You can jot down any questions you might have on your mind beforehand. 

Please note that refunds are not available on booked sessions, but will be happy to reschedule your session if needed. Thank you for your understanding! 

I am available for group readings and for parties and gatherings.  Please contact me for rates for group gatherings. 

I also offers gift certificates.  Please contact me if you would like to give the gift of healing.


All sessions are recorded, and a link to download your copy is sent to the client after the session.

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Mentorship Programs

Check out Sharon's varied Mentorship Programs if you'd like to dive deeper into your Spiritual & Personal Journey.

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