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Dancing With Yeshua/Jesus

This is another excerpt from my upcoming book about my 2001 NDE and the aftermath (before editing):

"April 13, 2003

I wake up fully in the middle of the night and find that Yeshua and I are dancing in my bedroom. I don't have memory of Him waking up or getting out of bed. He’s holding me close and I can hear the music in my head that we’re dancing to. I don’t recall the music other than it was perfect.

He’s holding my right hand in his and holding it between us over our hearts with his other arm around me. I have my left arm wrapped around His shoulder. We’re moving slowly around the room. I’m totally surrendered to his embrace. I have my face buried in his neck. I can feel the whiskers of his face and his neck. He’s leaning his head against the top of my head. I notice that He's wearing a light colored gauzy tunic and blue, loose, gauzy pants. He's barefoot. I'm able to see His feet at one point. His feet are perfect.

I feel totally loved and supported in His arms. He's completely physical. With my eyes closed, I feel as if we're transported to a space outside of my bedroom, outside space & time. But, I still feel the wood floor of my bedroom beneath my bare feet.

After a time that was not long enough, he lifts my chin to his face. He’s smiling at me with another of His smiles that fill me with His warmth. He smiles with his eyes. There really isn’t any artwork of Him that can capture the Love, the Light in his eyes. He also knows how much of His Light I can handle.

I feel the communication that our dance is ending. I’m communicate to him that I don’t want our dance to end. He laughs and says that he’ll be back another time. He also tells me that since I remember Him now that we are going to be doing a lot of work together. At that moment the memory returned to me that I had made that agreement with Him.

I remembered that when He met me in my 2001 NDE and we talked about my coming back to my Earth body, I told Him that I would agree only if I could remember Him and that He would show me that He was with me. That was our agreement. And He's made more than good on His end of the deal.

The next thing I remember is waking up in my bed with the memory of our dance & time together flooding into my mind."

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