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Out-of-Body-Experience - Surrounded by a Cosmic Sea of 'I LOVE YOU'!

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Sharing one of my recent out of body experiences.


My conscious goal in my out-of-body state is always to reach as high as I can in the other realms.

This particular night I fall asleep chanting I LOVE YOU in my mind.

I wake up later in the night out-of-body floating in a wispy white space.

I remember my affirmations to bring me higher or further inward & begin or continue chanting I LOVE YOU.

Not long after I hear melodic echoes of I LOVE YOU all around me.

The number of voices grow larger, and I'm soon surrounded by a chorus of I LOVE YOU.

I'm floating in this surreal, but tangible space of hearing and feeling all the I LOVE YOU's that I sent out returning to me multiplied by thousands, if not millions of voices.

Image created thru DreamStudio

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1 Comment

How AMAZING! I can only imagine how wonderful that must have felt❤️🙏🏻If I could experience that, I think it might help to increase my ability for love & compassion.

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