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Atlantis Journey During Winter Solstice and Lunar Eclipse

Atlantis trip 12/21/10

I enter into meditation and focus on traveling to Atlantis.

I find myself in front of what I know to be a gorgeous blue crystal temple. I intuitively know that the temple is made of blue sapphire. It is stunningly beautiful. As I remember the reason for being there, I begin feeling a warmth and large expansion in my heart center.

And I feel the emotion....I feel it as an emotional longing for the times and for the celebration that bring us to the temple. I remember that this is a celebration for the change of the season or winter solstice, and the lunar eclipse....just like what is happening now...only this is a very big thing for the people there with me.

I then remember that I am part of a group of healers or rather channels of healing energy that are part of this celebration. There are many healers, performers, etc. there....we are one group.  It is a big celebration!

Our group of about 20 people begin moving down a pathway among the crowd that leads to the temple. As we move, I and they, begin dancing and spinning around...faster and faster as we move down the pathway.

We begin spinning so fast that all that the people can see of us is a whirlwind of energy.  This whirlwind of energy that we create flows out into the crowd and surrounds the people with a healing/light vibration. The name “whirling durvish” keeps coming to mind.

We move slowly down the path, and then begin moving through the crowd.  I remember This takes a lot of concentration. The people make room for us as we move through the crowd and emanate a flowing glow of blue/green light.

The feeling I have while spinning is one of pure elation and extreme joy. It's hard to describe....and I get emotional relaying this....but, I'll try to describe it the best I can. The faster I spin, the less and less I feel of my physical body, and the lighter and less dense I become, and the lighter I become, the more light/love I fee; flowing through me, until I feel like I actually transcend my body and become pure light/love. I am focusing on the color or healing light that I'm channeling as I'm spinning.  I remember that I can channel and send out whatever color I focus on.

After awhile we move slowly together into the Sapphire Temple. I was one of about 20 young women and men who are chosen to perform at this celebration. It was a great honor to be chosen for this event. Our main teacher is an older male. We have many teachers, but we have one who was ancient and wise and is practiced in this type of energy channel for thousands of years. We are young women and men which are probably around 100 - 200 of our modern time years. We lived much longer then. We are trained in this Temple for this ability.

I remember that when we enter the Temple after the healing we have to be very careful how we slow down our vibration because it could be harmful to us if we slow down too fast. So, we have to enter a certain room that has special crystal energy that helps us to lower and slow down our vibration, along with having to be super in control of our minds and stay very focused. It was a very moving experience for me!

It makes me smile wide now when I think about my teachers and the others who trained with me. I loved them very much. I feel a longing to see them again.

I also felt during my meditation that there was great emotion from the 'me' of that time, for the loss of the nature celebrations in today's world.

With Love, Sharon

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