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Does Taking Photos Steal Our Soul?

Ponderings from the mind of Sharon. :)

There are many indigenous cultures such as North and South American Native peoples, as well as Australian Aborigines that don't allow photos to be taken of them because their belief is that doing so traps the soul.

With what can look and feel like a soul-less culture in our modern world, I have to wonder if this belief is valid.

This topic is one of my recent ponderings.

The relentless narcissistic push, especially among young people for non-stop selfies and videos of their own likeness makes me wonder. If we're paying attention at all, it's plain to see that we as consumers, especially the young people, are being targeted to get the latest and greatest cell phone with the best cameras. Why do we need the best & greatest cell phone camera?

Ever since waking up after my NDE in 2001, I know without a doubt that there is a real battle for the human soul, especially for the souls of the younger generations.

One of my abilities is to be able to perceive energetically, when I do move my focus there. During a recent meditation/reflection time some of the following thoughts came to me. Since everything is energy and our Universe is holographic and connected within the holographic web, does 'capturing' our likeness or 'taking' (notice the words) photos & video capture a part of our energy or our personal matrix or our soul? Does a part of our soul fragment and become trapped within a photo or video within a celluloid universe or internet cloud? Do we lose a part of ourselves every time our likeness is captured on a camera?

I've also recently been guided to have regular practice throughout my day and especially after being on camera to make a strong intention to call back all my energetic and soul parts to the here and now. This message of having this practice and my pondering on photos and video came up for me all around the same time.

So, my question now is if it's true, how do we shield ourselves? I don't really want to live out in the woods without modern technology, at this point in my life anyway...maybe someday.

So, this is what I get.

Awareness is always the key. We can shield ourselves with intention and making sure that we have a regular spiritual practice that fills us with the constant influx of God's Light/Love. God's Love/Light is the most powerful energy in the Universe. It cannot be hijacked or corrupted.

And also having a regular, daily practice of calling back to us all our scattered and fragmented parts. That way we aren't scattered, we are whole and we are in control, and can send and bring back our energy wherever and whenever we choose. This is true Mastery.

Being aware in the present moment of what depletes us, what steals our energy and of what lifts us up is how we transcend the ego matrix and helps us remember our true power as Masters while we're still here on Earth.

I like that idea better.

Thanks for reading. Let me know your thoughts.

Blessings! Sharon Kumara

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Muyu Grace
Muyu Grace
Oct 04, 2023

This is incredible, Sharon! This strange idea that taking photos could steal your soul came out of the blue to me all of a sudden yesterday. Today when I happened to have listened to your NDE on YouTube; and I thought I should check out your website. I saw this blog which just struck me this strange idea came to my mind yesterday...


Therese Wade
Therese Wade
Sep 30, 2023

Thanks Sharon, this is such a helpful reminder to be present and call our energy back after a photograph, a stressful week, or even after doing readings or healings on others.

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