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Hawaii Astral Journey to Meet with Whales and Dolphins

061415 7 am Whale and Dolphins Journey in the Big Island, Hawaii

This was my 3rd try in taking our journey last night and this morning. I kept losing my focus in the first 2 tries.

I enter meditation. I state my intent to journey for our trip. I almost immediately find myself at our Temple/Gathering Place. I am met again by a very tall Arcturian. He intuits to me that there are others here. He leads me out to the back of the Temple that leads to very ornate double doors. They open for us as we move toward them. I see a small group of people gathered around the outside of the swimming pool. The pool is glistening with silver blue water. It looks really beautiful and inviting. I immediately jump into the pool and begin swimming around. (I can’t help it, I’m a mermaid!) The water feels so cleansing and energizing. It feels like it is healing my etheric body. I can feel pleasant tingling all throughout my physical body. The group also jumps into the pool. I see Perry do a back flip…I see Daniela walk down the steps into the pool.…I sae Emma dive in as off a diving board…I see another man do a cannonball…it’s either Michael or AJ, not sure….or maybe they both do a cannonball. I just remember a hoot and then I see someone hit the water with their legs tucked in and a big blue splash follows. Hopefully someone will remember. There are a few others there, too but I don’t focus on who they are….I’m too busy enjoying the pool.

As we play around a bit, 2 white dolphins join us. They intuit for us to dive down further into the pool and follow them. I feel Daniela is apprehensive, so I take her hand, and we all dive down further to enter the portal. The dolphins lead the way as we move into the portal. They intuit to us that this is the way to our destination. We’re moving very fast through the portal. After a moment, we stop and come to what feels like an energy barrier. I get the impression that we have reached the 4th dimension, and that it’s an energy grid that surrounds the planet, and especially the oceans. That it’s meant to keep souls from rising higher into the 5th dimension or above. The dolphins ask us to send love to the grid so that we can disperse of the negative energy that causes the barrier. So, we collectively send a beam of love light that creates a pathway for us to move down into the 4th dimension from the 5th dimension. We then come out from the portal into some very clear blue/green water. I receive the intuit from the dolphins that they are to stay above the grid in the 5th dimension, and that we are at our destination at the Big Island, and that our emissary will meet us shortly. A second or two later, we are met by a huge female pilot whale. I feel this beautiful mother energy from her. I am focused on her very large eye. I feel so much love from her…it’s incredible…it brings me to tears again as I type this. She intuits that we are welcome, and that we are her emissary’s in our world above the oceans. I then start feeling another tingling sensation in my physical body as she speaks with us, but not pleasant, and then some heat…just for a second. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s unpleasant. She says that she wants us to know and understand a tiny, tiny bit of what humankind is doing to the sealife with their underwater technology, as well as intentional jamming of the whale and dolphin frequencies. She asks that we please remember and relay the message wherever we can on land. She intuits some other messages, but I don’t bring them back with me to full waking consciousness. Hopefully I’ll remember at a later date, or someone else in our group will remember. She then tells us that the dolphins have a gift for us. At that moment a large grey/blue dolphin enters my view and beckons for us to follow him. I can still hear his dolphin sounds. We swim very quickly through the water while following behind him. We come upon an underwater. There are more dolphins swimming around the opening of the cave. I can hear their dolphin-speak, too. We follow our leader dolphin into the cave. The further we swim into the cave, the brighter it becomes with a pink and white glow. We stop in an area where the dolphin points to an area of rock that looks like an altar. There are pink stones placed on the altar. He intuits that they are rose quartz crystals and are a gift from the whales and dolphins for each one of us to take with us. They look to me like they are all heart shaped. We each take a stone to bring back with us…and we thank him for the beautiful gifts. Again, I feel so much love from them.

I lose my focus and my meditation ends at that point. Hopefully, this sounds familiar to someone. It was another beautiful journey for me. Thank you to the Whales and Dolphins! I love you dearly!

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