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"I Have Overcome the World...It Is Done For You"

"Beloved friends, understand well, then, and I say to you yet again, that I come only as your brother and your friend - one who has walked as you walk, one who has breathed as you breathe, one who has cried as you cry, one who has laughed as you laugh. I am as you are.

If there is anything that I can give unto you, it is simply this: As you look upon your life and every event that unfolds within it, every time you feel that you have failed, every time that you become conflicted, every time that you're sure that you'll never be able to transcend all of these ups and downs and emotional waves that seem to come with living in your world, remember, I have overcome the world. And because I have done it, it is done for you, already.

Why? Because we share the same infinite field of Mind that far transcends all levels and dimensions of manifestation. You can tap into what has already occurred. You need only look upon me as your brother and friend, and acknowledge that the world has been overcome, and accept the freedom, which is the effect of its overcoming, as your own.

So, that you learn to sit in your chair, after your 5 minutes of abiding as Christ, in which you say to yourself:

Here, I am free.

Heaven is now.

The past is passed away, and I choose anew.

This day, I commit myself to teaching only Love by sharing only loving thoughts.

This one day, I will look upon each one that comes into my experience and I will first breathe deeply the presence of the Holy Spirit.

And I will look out through eyes transformed by the simple acknowledgement of the Truth: All minds are joined, and I see not a stranger before me, but one who walks as I walk, who feels as I feel, who longs as I long, who is humbled as I am humbled, who prays for peace as I have prayed.

Therefore, I will give them what they seek. And in that giving, I receive it."

~Jeshua - The Way of Mastery, The Way of the Heart, Lesson 10

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