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Message from Yeshua #6 - Breaking the Chains!

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Do not despair, my Loves. All is well and in Divine Timing. You are witness to Humanities greatest achievement. You have prepared for an Age for this moment. Humanity is breaking free of the long-held chains of mental, emotional and physical slavery. We are all witness to the rising of Humanity as the Phoenix flies into the Light of the Sun! Bear witness as our Beloved Humanity burns away all that has kept her in darkness for so long. She is no longer saddled with her past burdens. Do you feel it, my Loves? The Light of Love is all around you. See Me all around & within you. Clear away all the fears that keep you in darkness. Unfold your wings, rise up in your Eternal mind and soar into the Light of my Eternal Love for You. You are already Here with me. Simply remove the blinders that keep you in the illusion of separation. All that you seek is Here for You. I AM Always Here Right Beside You! Take my hand as we walk together. Eternally Yours, Yeshua

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