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Mt. Adams Astral Trip to Meet with Sasquatch

Sasquatch Trip at Mt. Adams in Cascades 052515

I go into meditation and induce vibrations to help lift my consciousness. I reach out and call out for my Sasquatch friend Takal to meet me. (I met Takal telepathically about 5 years ago while walking in the woods with my dogs. But that's another story.) I feel Takal's energy near me after a few seconds. It feels good to connect's been about 3 years since we've connected. I tell him about our group trip, and ask him if he would guide me there because I seem to be having trouble traveling there. He agrees. He takes me over the Tualatin River behind our house and we dive in together. I follow him as we move through the water very quickly moving ...this movement feels very similar to the corridor between Mt. Shasta and Mt. Kailash. We continue moving really quickly through the water. We then stop and come out at the base of a beautiful mountain range. I look to my slight right and see one mountain top in particular. Takal intuits that this is Mt. Adams. I feel nerves and also excitement as he tells me that he'll take me to meet the family that agreed to meet with me. I ask him if I should have brougth something as a gift and he tells me that it would be nice. So, I focus and manifest a beautiful basket of fruit to take with me. We take a few steps and a am greeted by a very large Sasquatch. He's about 2 feet taller than Takal. He has very powerful green eyes. His hair color is a dark/black brown with some deep red highights. I don't see his face very clearly, only his eyes. They're piercing and very powerful. He looks at me with some distrust. Takal must have intuited to him that I'm a friend because his eyes soften a little after a moment. I hold out the basket I've brought. He reaches a very large, long, powerful arm toward me and takes it. The basket looks funny and really puny in his hand. I feel kind of silly at that point. He must have felt me feelings, because he intuits to me that he really appreciates the gift. He then intuits to me that his family are very leery of humans because they can hear their thoughts when they're near and find a lot of their thoughts to be very disturbing to them. He tells me not only the noise, but they hear thoughts of pre-meditated violence to others, including their kind. They don't all understand the language, but see the pictures. The rest is noise to them. He tells me that our thoughts are heard by them as if they are spoken words and noise to us. This is why they stay away from us as far as possible. He tells me that he knows that not all humans are this way, but in order for his family to be safe, they need stay hidden. He asks me to relay this message back to my family. He calls humanity my family. He calls his species of Sasquatch as his family...or at least the way I intuit the feeling of it. He doesn't separate himself from his species...he sees them as one family. I ask if he would be wiling to tell me his name, or what he is called. He tells me that I can call him Galut. I then lose my focus and am back in my body.

I never thought about how disturbing our thoughts can be to their species. This trip was very enlightening for me. It's another lesson for me in making sure to continue working on being totally conscious of my thoughts.

Note: After this experience, I looked on a map and saw that the Tualatin River is a tributary of the Willamette River which is a tributary of the Columbia River which runs up the Cascades and comes out in one area very close to Mt. Adams.

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