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Reptilian/Humanoid Soul Retrieval

Updated: May 5, 2020

Reptilian/Humanoid Male on Dying Red Planet

I walk through the archway and find myself in a red/orange and yellow environment. The sky is a orange and yellow. I'm standing on a beach in front of an ocean. The ocean is orange and yellow mixed with red. I'm looking up into the sky and see 2 moons. I look down at my hands and feet and see that they are both long and webbed. I walk upright. My skin is scaly with a light brown and green tint to it. I know that I am a water creature who also walks on land. I feel that I'm a male. I'm feeling that I need to hunt for food for my family. My family is very large. My family is also my clan or community. I can breath in and out of the water, but I mainly survive on land. When we aren't in the ocean, we live in the trees. I'm holding a staff that's also a spear for hunting and for protection. My language is in clicks and knocks that I make with my throat, but mostly our communication is telepathic. I feel love for my clan, for my family. I have a mate and 3 little ones. My mate is sick. I have human-like emotions. I feel that our planet is dying. I feel connected to the planet. I feel a part of it. I can feel it choking. I'm saddened as I look out at the ocean. I don't understand what's happening...we are also having more trouble breathing the air. I have the responsibility of bringing back food. I also feel the responsibility of finding out why our home is choking. I have a very strong yearning to help our planet. I turn and see what looks like red smoke coming out of a mountain. This fills the air. I turn back and look at the ocean. I wade in and dive in and begin swimming with my staff tucked into a belt/sash tied around my waist. I'm a strong swimmer. I swim farther and farther down. I see more and more of the redness the deeper I swim down. It becomes more difficult for me to see and to take in any breaths. The ocean is dying. All of a sudden, I get panicked...I'm feeling very disoriented. I'm not able to find my way becomes impossible to breath. I asphyxiate and drown.

I/Sharon go in and retrieve this creature who was once me. With the help of my guide, I jump in and swim down and find him. I take his hand and bring him to the surface. He's confused. I help him understand that he has left the body and that he can move on and move into the light. He will then find out what happened to his planet and be able to be with his family. He tells me that he is a failure. He failed his clan by drowning and not bringing back food and such for them. He feels that they all depended on him. There were many who were sick in his clan from the red smoke, and he was chosen for this task because he was the healthiest. And he wasn't able to find out how to help his planet, either. I help him understand that all is forgiven, and all will be revealed when we walks into the light. He agrees and crosses over.

I got the information that the planet imploded somehow and was spewing poisonous gases into the air and into the ocean.

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