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Self Mastery

Updated: May 5, 2020

This is written & shared by permission from my dear friend Stephanie Stephan

Self Mastery

True happiness is independent from external events

Remain at peace is my greatest strength

The force behind all my actions is love

The force behind all my thoughts is joy

Inner peace is my source of calmness in the middle of the storm

Every event in life is a matter of perspective: do I agonize about it or rise to the occasion and learn from it? The choice is always mine.

My inner power is knowing we are One. There is no me and them. It is just us. That simple.

Gratitude fuels my life. I delight myself with an infinite list of gifts to be grateful for everyday.

Being alive is the greatest gift of all. Life transcends death, time and space.

Nothing brings down walls faster than a genuinely open heart.

Insecurities are cries from my inner child to be held and swaddled until I feel safe again.

Wisdom is knowing we are not victims of our lives but co-creators of our realities.

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