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Stonehenge Astral Journey Trip from my Astral Journey Group

Stonehenge experiences


I took a trial run trip to Stonehenge this morning in meditation. As soon as I felt the shift in my awareness, I felt emotion in my heart center. It felt like it was a mixture between longing, recognition, and some anxiety. I can't quite put my finger on it. I first saw large stones that were in a circle. And then I saw about 7 or 8 people in white tunics or robes slowly walking around.

In my 2nd trip, I saw who I recognized as our group member, Rich pull up in a small sports car or a small was difficult for me to tell what type of vehicle.


3rd trip in meditation to Stonehenge. I didn't feel the feeling that I had previously in my chest, but saw stones...and felt that there were a lot more stones than in the photos. I began feeling nauseous and felt that people come here for healing. I was drawn to a woman but only saw her right hand...I touched it and felt that I was healing her hand. A English woman that I know in this physical life came to my mind, so I believe that the woman was an English lady. I then saw the white robed people again and felt that same feeling in my chest again. I then got the impression of the Vikings series show with the episode of the human sacrifices so I looked at that and got that I was was feeling this, but the human sacrifices were not against the humans will, it was an honor and also voluntary. That could explain the feeling in my chest of joy and anxiety. I don't know anything about the history of Stonehenge, so I did a little research and found this info on human sacrifice at Stonehenge: http://www.fatheroak....­


4th trip to Stonehenge in meditation: first thing i saw was some men, one man in particular on man on a black horse. I felt he or they were herding some people around the stones. I saw the one man in particular chasing a woman thru what looked and felt like the stones at Stonehenge. I felt the men on horseback may have been Christian crusaders and the people may have been pagans. The men on horseback were taunting the people as they chased them around the stones. I think I lost my focus and feel asleep. I tried again after waking and was taken to another scene and see what looks like a naked woman on a stone slab. I feel the energy is one of a ritual. I feels like it's a sexual ritual, not one of sacrifice.  It has a pagan feel to it, and feels it's one of empowering the lower chakras at this ritual through the sexual union. I then see a winged creature manifest in form over the woman...the woman was writhing in ecstasy. The winged creature I feel is there to have a sexual encounter with her. The creature is human size and has arms and legs like a human, but the head is not human like we are, and it has a long tail. It looks like a small human like bird or dragon to me. I got the distinct feeling that the woman summoned the creature for the ritual. I see people in tunics standing facing the stone. I can hear a low humming sound that I feel is chanting by the people in the circle. Hmmm...interesting! This morning, I looked up my previous trip from years ago that I took with the group I used to belong to. I found it interesting because there is a similarity with seeing men on horseback. I didn't remember this at all. Perhaps a past life.

Previous trip to Stonehenge in 2002

I obe'd last night and tried to get to Stonehenge again. I exited and went out thru the wall. I found myself in an old time village with cottages. I saw men on horseback carrying swords, riding up to the front doors of the cottages. They would ride right up to the door and knock on the door with their sword, and then ride on to the next house, etc. It looked to me like they were looking for someone. I watched them for awhile, then I focused on Stonehenge again. I felt movement and began being pulled in one direction very fast. The movement stopped and I found myself in a green meadow type area again. I looked all around for standing stones, and finally saw some in the distance. Unfortunately, I don't remember anything after that.

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