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Merging with a Seagull in My Out of Body Experience

Updated: May 5, 2020

This was an amazing OOBE for me. Copied from my journal.

October 4, 2016 7 am Ocean Shores Vacation

I woke around 6 am and started working on my Phase techniques of creating movement with my non-physical body. I fell back to sleep after what felt like about 15 minutes of the OOB exercises. I awoke feeling slight vibrations and realizing that I was in the perfect state to be able to leave my body. I was so excited because it had been about 3 weeks since my last OOBE and also because I was at the coast and wanted badly to go OOB while here. I immediately jumped up out of my body and went straight up into the ceiling. I went through the ceiling and through the roof. I came out on the roof in the middle of 2 seagulls sitting on the roof. I didn't seem to startle them. They both glanced at me and then glanced back to gazing at the ocean. I'm not even sure that they saw me. I felt a presence with me that I began communicating with. I wanted to merge with the Seagull and see things from his perspective. My communications with my guide began coming faster. I acted on his or her instructions. I reached my energy hands into the seagulls body and began massaging what I believe was his heart with my energy hands. The heart was yellow in color. The seagull didn't seem to mind or notice at all. I was instructed to continue massaging the seagulls heart until he was accepting of my energy. After a little bit, I felt it was ok and slowly merged my energy with the seagull. I was almost instantly aware of his thoughts, or non-thoughts rather. I noticed that he had no thoughts, simply awareness and actions and reactions. I felt that the seagull next to me was a mate, but there wasn't what we would call love, it was more of a connection or bond that was instinctive and natural. After a second or two the gull took flight. I took flight with him in his body. He flew toward the ocean and soared over the beach and then over the ocean. My sense of smell was very keen and my awareness was that I was in search of food. I didn't think about it, I just knew and was aware. It was pure instinct. My eyesight was very focused and I could see super clearly for a long distance. I don't recall the colors being brighter or anything like that...they seemed sort of gray, but that is probably because it was a gray day on the Washington Coast. I faded back to my body not long after taking flight while in the air.

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