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"Get Out of Your Head."

“Get Out Of Your Head.”

Have you ever heard anyone tell you this? When I first heard this, I asked my higher guidance how do I get out of my head?? This is what I rec'd... pay attention to your thoughts and move your focus to your heart, and to what you are feeling. Your emotions/feelings are your true guidance system. Your thoughts are the result of what you are feeling. Your mind interprets your feelings in thoughts which usually include words...for visual people, also pictures. Feelings in your body are also telling you things, so you are guided to pay attention to the feelings in your body, as well. Your body's interpretations are true, your body does not lie...your head's/ego mind's interpretations are clouded with personal filters and other invasive surrounding thoughts/energies. Start by focusing on your Heart, your Sacred Heart is where your Divinity begins. You are a Divine Being, your Heart is your proof of this.

When we are truly living our life from our Heart rather than from our head, then we have reached our true Divinity on Earth.

From my Heart to Your Heart,

Sharon Sananda Kumara

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