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Great Pyramid Astral Trip with Astral Journey Group

Trip #1 to the Great Pyramid in Giza

I'm standing around the pyramid with about 20 people. We enter thru a small square doorway on what seems to be the South end. We enter into a large chamber. It is lit so we can see around us. I don't see where the light source is coming seems to just glow from within. There are 4 men sitting in lotus position in the middle of the chamber... they are sitting about 4 feet apart at the 4 corners....North, West, South East. They are dressed in ancient Egyptian clothing and head gear. They are naked above the waist. The are wearing a white skirt type of lower body garments and they are wearing arm bands on their wrists and forearms. Their clothing and jewelry is in gold and purple. All 4 of them have on a type of head band that fans out into a what looks like a cobra snake with feathers. It is quite elaborate. They seem to be meditating or in trance. At first I think their eyes are closed, but when I look closer, their eyes are open, but rolled into the back of their heads, so that only the whites are showing. There is a low humming sound in the room. I think it's coming from them, but it seems to be coming from within the pyramid, too. Perhaps both. I feel like the whole room is vibrating. We are then led by the 4 men...I feel like we are being led by an unseen guide...we are led to the west side of the room where there is a very narrow stairway. We move up the staircase. It then turns sharply to the left and levels out into another smaller chamber. This room is lit up with a golden light. There is a pedestal in the middle of the room with a large golden egg shaped orb about the size of a football that appears to be vibrating and emitting the golden light. I don't see any power source for it. It seems to be powered from within the egg. The pedestal is about 2 feet taller than we are. So, about 7 – 8 feet tall. The pedestal also appears to be vibrating. The humming sound is deeper and louder in this room. At that point the room becomes brighter with the golden hue and the golden egg shoots a beam of light into the top of the pyramid. The beam is static and doesn't waver. The humming sound becames deeper...I can feel it in my body. I get the distinct impression that this device is meant to create a vibratory rate that enabled us to move into another dimension. Pyramid and all. My meditation/experience ends at that point.

Trip #2 to Great Pyramid in Giza

In meditation I focus on the great pyramid in Giza. I arrive sitting on a camel. I suddenly feel a strong emotional connection and bond with the camel I'm stting upon. I believe I'm either brought into a past or other lifetime or I've dropped into another person's energy field. I definitely feel that this camel and I have a deep bond. I'm sitting on top of the camel and looking out over the pyramids. I feel that I'm male in this lifetime/experience. My meditation/experience ends at this point.

Trip #3 to the Great Pyramid in Giza

I begin with inducing the vibrations and then focus on the great Pyramid in Giza. Almost immediately I find myself in front of a very large pyramid. I see 8 - 10 people sitting in a circle in front of the pyramid. I see that they look to be in meditation or a trance state. The thought occurs to me that they might be our Astral Group. I don't want to interrupt them, so I move toward the pyramid and am guided again to a large rectangular doorway that leads into the pyramid. I move toward it and enter. There is a soft golden glow in the inner feels familiar, much like my first visit. I see a stairway over to my left this time...It's like the chamber is in the opposite layout from my first visit. The stairway is much wider, however. As soon was my attention is drawn to the stairway, I see a glimpse of the bottom of a leg move around the corner of the stairway as it L's off to the right. The clothing is either a loose pair of pants or a tunic and it's black or dark in color. The shoes are what looks to me like white sneakers. I'm thinking this time that I must be here in present day Egypt. I follow the being up the stairs and am brought into another chamber. I am carrying a lantern with me this time, though. I immediately see the same golden egg perched upon a pedestal. I feel vibrations as I move closer to the Egg. The closer I move to it, the stronger the vibrations become. And then all of a sudden, I'm feeling extremely whole body is wracked with a huge sob. Tears are streaming down my face. I end the experience at this point. I feel the emotion again as I type this.

I looked up Egypt and a golden Egg, and found this info: http://www.interferen...­

On a side note, this experience with the Golden Egg has been very profound for me. Whenever I think about it, I become emotional, and I feel the vibrations in my I can see the golden hue when I close my eyes. Just last night, when I closed my eyes for bed, I saw golden geometric forms within a rectangular housing of some sort with the form of a star in the middle.

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