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When my non-physical teachers were working intensely with me about 10 years ago, they helped me become aware of the “background tape” that was constantly playing in the back of my mind. I realized at that time that I was repeating the phrase “I’m sorry” over and over in my mind, which lead to my apologizing for myself out loud a lot during my day. I noticed that I was saying “I’m sorry” to people for no apparent reason at all. I didn't even realize that I was repeating this phrase to myself over and over again in the back of my mind. It was quite annoying.

However, my teachers helped me turn that negative inner mantra into a positive one.  Sananda/Yeshua guided me to repeat or chant the word “Infinity” in my mind whenever I would take notice of my thoughts. He also guided me to envision Infinity in my mind…either through envisioning the Infinity symbol and/or to envision the expansion of the universe through my mind’s eye. Chanting and expanding my mind to Infinity not only helped me replace and overcome the “I’m sorry” tape into something positive and expanding. But also helped me remember that I Am Infinite...I Am Eternal. I will also say that the reasons for this negative mantra were revealed to me by my higher self/guidance with my own past life exploration and soul retrieval. Because I had no idea why I felt that I had to keep apologizing for myself!

Now, in my practice and in everyday life, I find a lot of people employ the same background tape as I did, or for that matter, lots of other negative background tapes that are self-deprecating for them. And they, just like me, don't even realize that they are running this negative mantra in the back of their mind. It truly affects our whole we perceive the world, how others see us, what we attract vibrationally, and so on...

Therefore, I would suggest that if you sit with your background "noise" and find your mantra or tape to be negative, you might want to employ the “Infinity” mantra. I can truly attest that this Infinity mantra is mind expanding and can only serve to bring your inner world up to a much higher vibratory level opening up your human self to your Infinite Self, where anything in life becomes possible.

Yours in Infinite Light,

I Am Sharon Sananda Kumara

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