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Message from Yeshua/Jesus/Sananda #1 - Eternity

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

"Know that you are Eternal. What upsets you now is your opportunity for this very realization. Yes, all life is precious. I am Here simply to remind that what humans call death is an illusion. All life continues in a different form. There is no end to Life, only the end of a life experience, leading to the beginning of another. What upsets you now with the human condition is the pain of separation already held within each human. You are witnessing the historical collective pain held within the human psyche from centuries of the illusion of separation from Me. Come to Me, my Beloved in all your thoughts and heal this pain Place your hand in mine, I walk with you every step of the way for all of Eternity. - Forever Yours, Yeshua"

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