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Mt. Kailish Astral Journey

Updated: May 5, 2020

Trip #1

I go into meditation. I am guided to chant ohm, so I begin chanting. I'm almost immediately taken to a mountain. I can see the mountaintop in the distance. There's a storm cloud above it and I can see sideways lightning strikes in the storm cloud. I lose focus. I try again am taken to the mountain again. Almost immediately I feel emotion and recognition of being here before.

Trip #2

I chant OHM and go into meditation. I am taken to Mount Kailash again very quickly. I find myself outside what looks like a cave opening. I look inside and see what looks like monks dressed in light golden colored robes. I suddenly have bi-vision and am inside the cave with a lot of people moving forward into the cave with a group. I can clearly see the person in front of me. He's wearing a blue tunic, I can see the material is linen with dark blue piping. My awareness is back at the mouth of the cave. I see a Monk approach me. I feel there are others with me. He is smiling. I recognize him as the Buddha. I ask him if he is the Buddha. He nods his head. I feel tons of love and warmth from him.

Trip #3

I go into meditation. I'm nudged to hold my Lemurian seed crystal while in meditation. I state my intent for Mt. Kailash. I get an impression right away that I'm at Mt. Shasta. I'm suddenly drawn into a vortex and am traveling very fast through the vortex through what feels like a tunnel. I feel I'm now at Mt. Kailash. I get the impression that they are connected either underground or an astral tunnel. I suddenly see a beautiful bright orange/red colored garment adorned with beautiful colors. The colors are different than here. They're brighter and more vivid. I'm met by a male being. He's wearing a very tall pointed hat. He introduces himself as the Dali Lama. I say but he's still in the physical. He says that he is a previous Dali Lama. I recognize him right away and feel something come over me. I kneel before him. I feel I know him from another lifetime. I tell him that I remember him. He says he remembers me. I tell him that I'm surprised that he does  I tell him that I'm not worthy of his presence. He corrects me. I'm fluctuating between Sharon and the personality that is a monk in another lifetime. We speak telepathically for a little bit, but I don't recall the conversation now. I tell him I have to return to my physical body now. I tell him that I'll be back. He smiles and nods.

Trip #3 9 am 5/17/15

I go into meditation and begin chanting OHM sound. I ask to be taken to Mount Kailash  It takes a little while to perceive anything. I begin feeling slight vibrations and feel my awareness shift. I'm in a place or time that's dark and dreary. I see flashes of people frozen in place. I'm asking for clarity. Things brighten up and now I'm in front of the portal again. I stand there for a moment or two to test where I am. I begin feeling a pulling sensation on my head. I accept that I'm at the right place and jump into the portal. I'm moving quickly through it and come out again at what I feel is Mount Kailash. I'm in a small group of people. I feel they're our group travelers. We're situated at the mouth of an opening into the mountain. It brightens dramatically and a very tall being moves toward us from inside the mountain. I don't see a face. This being is shaped like a very tall narrow triangle or pyramid.  It's very bright. As I focus on it, I see swirling colors and energy throughout it's body. I feel a male and female energy from it. As it greets us, I feel a huge wave of love emanate from it and enter my heart center. I'm brought to tears immediately. I feel a recognition. Toward the end of my journey, I realize this being is actually collective of beings. The being intuits that we can call it Kailash. It feels like a collective spirit of the keepers of the mountain. (Note: I'm going to use the male pronoun for Kailash even though it did have some female energy) Kailash bows and tells us that he is honored to be of service to us. He welcomes us and asks us to follow him. We move inside the mountain with after him. I can feel the mountain humming with a soft vibration. I ask or we just get impressions about this mountain being the 7th chakra (crown) area of our planet. As we move in further, I have glimpses of animals around  I see a large shaggy dog... I get the impression of a bear and I get a download about the Bear constellation... I get the impression of a tiger, I get the impression of a horse... I'm also getting impressions about the stars and constellations. As we're moving further inside the mountain, we're getting downloads of information about the purpose of the mountain on the earth experience. Kailash tells us that in order to move in further, we will need to raise our vibration. We're directed to stand in an area together.  So, we do and a wide beam of light envelops us. Kailash tells us that our cells/computers are being def ragged. I feel a slight buzzing in my physical body while this is happening.  When we're finished, Kailash tells us if we ever feel the need for a defray session, that we are always welcome to come back and ask them for one. After this Kailash asks us to follow him further into the mountain. We move into an area where there are other beings around us.  The feeling is one of great joy and love, and also of service. I'm being guided by one of the beings to another area. I look at the group and see each person is being guided by a different being to another area of the space we're in. I'm sitting with my guide. I feel a download of information. I'm taken back to the people that I saw that were frozen in place. My guide explains to me that they're people who have died and are not able to move into the light for whatever reason. My guide tells me that the mountain holds many is for these souls. I also get the impression that the mountain holds the portals for all souls to pass through from the earth plane. And that one of the main purposes of the crown chakra for the planet. That's why I was getting downloads of stars. We were shown the different star constellations because that's where we go after we leave the physical plane. Suddenly, I have a huge epiphany and understand a lot of the things I'm experiencing here.  I tell my guide that I understand this because of the work I do, soul retrieval. He nods and agrees and tells me that is one of my gifts to the planet.  He tells me that I come to this place often. My guide tells me that everyone in our group who's there is being guided now to also remember or confirm for them, their gifts and areas of service to the planet. I thank my guide and head back to my body.

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